Weaponry is the essential tool for settling disputes, defining heroes, villains, victims and victors. “WEAPON” analyzes the fetish of weaponry through art form. Whether fueled by the necessity to nurture human’s volatile ego or to satiate the thirst for power, weaponry
is often the symbol of relinquished humanity for tyrannical infamy.

Artists include: Ethan Minsker, Ted Riederer, Shannon Daugherty, J. Ivcevich & Gavin Kenyon

The Antagonist Art Movement was founded in 2000 in New York City’s Lower East Side. Thousands of one-­‐night art shows later, the AAM is proud to present “WEAPON”, an exhibition by artists affiliated with the Movement and aligned with the Movement’s manifesto to provoke creativity in others and in oneself.

Video by Ethan Minsker

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