In 1944 René Daumal's Mount Analogue ended in mid sentence. In 2010 a small group of artists resume his quest in mid stride. I am one of the 12 artists continuing this quest. These are the ongoing accounts and documents of their journey.

"Wake Up Little Suzie [HD]
by Susan Shulman (videos)
" I was unraveling faster and faster like a spinning top. Wow, what a rush of adrenaline I felt as the world around me spun out of control. The vibrant colours surrounding me became one big blur of blues. I felt like I was flying but soon became aware of some strumming and hooting sounds. Actually the noise was rather loud. The screeching sounds were piercing my eardrums by the second. I felt the air moving around me and sensed the sensation of fluttering close by. My vision started to clear as my weightless body was slowing down in a seemingly circular motion. I could not tell where the sky was and where the land began. I thought I saw some people to the left of me or was that a guitar, a hat, red shoes and a fish? Just when I thought I could identify an object it became obscure and cloudy again. My stomach started to feel squeamish and queasy like being seasick. And, those big eyes, was that an eye? Did I catch the sight of soft fur, or feathers or mountains? It was then I realized I had been swinging in the air from side to side, and when I looked up again caught a section of an owl playing a guitar in my peripheral vision. I was entangled into a humungous sharp beak and was swaying in the wind feeling like Foucault’s Pendulum. A terrible thought started to shadow my thinking. “Was I going to seesaw forever? HELP me Fish ‘N Boots..anyone!"
Rock-A-Billy-Swing on the mountain

The Everly Brothers singing "Wake Up Little Suzie"

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LEONARDO BASILE shared their event on Twitter
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LEONARDO BASILE shared their event on Twitter
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