Seeking Kali is an artist collective, founded by William Evertson (US), Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium) and Susan Shulman (Canada) in 2010.

Seeking Kali began as a response to the eternal Facebook "What's on your mind?" query. William typed in the thought, "the manifestations of Kali", Ria Vanden Eynde responded with her thoughts, Susan Shulman joined the thread and we were off. To Where? We had no idea as we exchanged comments on goddess iconography, indigenous belief systems, concepts of time, western perceptions, travels and sources. These conversations took on a practical tone as we made the decision to collaborate on a print edition of our images, interpreting Kali. Our creative exchanges are unique and mainly virtual as William working from the US, Susan from Canada and Ria in Belgium, collaborate via Facebook, Skype and emails.
We began the Seeking Kali blog to share our journey. Even as our portfolio nears completion, Seeking Kali has additionally curated an artist call that has been exhibited internationally, we've created a Kali Shadow Theater performance piece, collaborated on works for exhibition in Arizona, Texas and Brazil, and produced an artist book for Un Libro Sulla Morte Omaggio a Ray Johnson, in Treviso, Italy.
As we begin our second year our collaborations are expanding to incorporate new ways of expressing our visions. We are incorporating more multimedia while continuing individual focus in our own particular mediums.
Our artistic exchanges on creativity and the rewards and inspiration that this continuing dialogue has brought to us all is the raison d'être that has kept our visions moving. Through the inspiration of artistic exchange and blending of ideas, we find we are not about Kali per se but about the freedom to collaborate and experiment, to break down art categories, to become freer to experiment and together, experience a broader and more conscientious art.
Music: Ian Evertson
Art and Video: Susan Shulman

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