Zeitgeistlyrik: SUNNY SUNDAY (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)

Sunny Sunday Lyrik (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)

It’s Sunday today

Dearest, you lie near me.

I dare not awaken you,

You look so lovely,

Like an elegant princess.

Your soft, facial features

Make my heart beat higher.

Sunny Sunday.

The shadows of the night

Have disappeared.

What has appeared is light,

Which soothes and warms us.

I discern the cheerful

Tweets and chirps

In our garden and terrace,

Greeting us this morning.

Sunny Sunday today.

I see your breast

Heave and simmer down,

In regular rhythm.

I feel your warmth.

Love glows

With your kindness

An reassurance.

It’s not a dream,

It’s reality.

I caress your hair gently,

You emit a moan,

Darling, I leave you alone,

Only to prepare a breakfast,

Feudal and continental,

For us two,

On a sunny Sunday,

When words are superfluous

And our hearts one.

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