The Art of Resilience


Tired yet? Ready to quit. Beaten down by the burden of being human; being single?

a single mother or father, maybe? Born poor or underprivileged? Caught in a maze

of despondency and a domino of failure? Everybody around you seems to be doing

okay financially? Married (with children on the way)? Plenty of room for in-laws

however obnoxious? Frequent vacations? I have Chinese friends who saw their

parents and relatives just this past Spring Festival. Deeply unhappy because,

well, not only would they answer yes to all or most of the above, but also, at

some point, they bought into the myth that they're old; they're a failure if

by a certain age, they've not acquired certain material possessions. And

I tried. Have tried over the years to tell a lot of these people including

fretful White friends with children and big apartments, steady jobs,

vacations, great family safety net, etc. just how good they have it.

But as we learned in Breakthrough Ideas April 2013, many of

such people don't want to be fixed. I'll never forget the young

African man I met at a Public Security Bureau trying after

several years of living illegally in China, to negotiate his

way out of a huge debt. Approximately a million or so

Yuan Renminbi. Just so he could finally leave China

and spend time with his aging parents. Some of

us are grateful we don't have that problem. I

last saw my mother in 2007; my father, in

1999. But we talk to each other almost

daily. I've been to many countries &

was educated on several different

continents. But to this day, I've

never taken a non-business

vacation. Resilience to me

is tenacity, in practice;

delaying gratification

and living by Faith.

Be it tribulation,

chaos, or doing

emotional art

like this one



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