Remember What Legendary Winners Know Best

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The hardest thing about the grind? When everything you put great work into, appears to fall

through. When no matter how many billion contacts you've made, everybody appears to be

ignoring you. When your family, and your best friends are visibly losing respect or patience

for you. Tom Corley was right: “Success is the great equalizer. It is the light at the end of

the tunnel.” Just what my German friend recently learned,—when dejection, settling for

less than she'd dreamed & hoped for having abandoned a career in Accounting, seemed

to be the next logical step. She had written a few emails and made a few Skype calls

and was frustrated because nothing was happening. Even felt disrespected. Because

she thought she and the contact person at the Culinary School she was enrolling in

prior to her business startup, had an understanding. But then all went silent for a

few days. And she grew more impatient, angrier and ready to give up on them,

a school based in a different country with a different cultural mindset. Notice

I kept saying “a few.” Because, we are living in a time when people assume

just because you write emails, few or many—which cost you nothing—and

make Skype calls—likely free—one's automatically entitled to a reply. Of

course that's only preposterous if you can step back, park the ego and

adopt a more refined approach. One not seen for example on Social

Media either where commenters, having nothing pressing on their

agenda bring the same sense of entitlement when they fire off a

comment or tweet. One that as above, says: “The future is not

a gift but an achievement.” A reminder that, “We do not get

in life what we want. We get in life WHAT WE ARE.” And it

was precisely while working on the latter, that good news

started pouring in. A lot will go wrong when you set out

to achieve worthwhile ambitions. Financially, the bad

news you get will be like a never-ending avalanche.

Especially if you never had deep pockets, or were

not well connected to begin with. Customer Ex-

perience & anything related to good Customer

Service will appear applicable ONLY to those

in higher earning brackets. Yet one mental

edge all legendary winners possess, that

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone summed

up: “Timing, perseverance, 10years

of trying will eventually make you

look like an overnight success.”

My friend's lesson in patience,

right attitude, trying more,

adopting a right mindset,

and pivoting fortunately

for her was cut short.

Yet, entrepreneurial

legends who have

gone farther, as

below though

did because

they had a


ethic &


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