Webpick of the Week – My Tribe Is My Life

This interactive documentary takes its audience into the worlds of eight music fans, exploring how the Internet has transformed their relationships and helped forge their identities. Their encounters illuminate ways of being together in the era of connectedness and microsocieties: Does social media offer increased social interaction or foster a sense of isolation? Does the Web transform identity or amplify personality? Is life online an extension of reality or an entirely separate world?

The project explores the impact of the Web on our identities so the navigation structure was conceptualized as a metaphor for the Web and is based on tools and functions used daily online (chat, comments, avatar, questions). Users can create their own My Tribe avatar, choosing
from a wide range of clothes and accessories, and comment on each of eight video portraits using a chat feature.

One of the main sections is a questionnaire that invites users to answer more than 50 questions about the impact of the Web on daily life. For each question answered, the user can view statistics derived from other replies, providing a basis of comparison. My Tribe also interacted directly with users through through the Twitter and Facebook accounts of a character presented as a young and provocative personality that exists only on the Web that poked followers with direct questions, statistics, facts, pictures and thoughts. In addition, on the ONF.ca blog, once a week for eight weeks, My Tribe invited a music or social network fan to respond to a special version of the My Tribe questionnaire that explored the fan’s personal relationship with the Web.

• The site was in production for fourteen months.

• Users can comment on videos and reply in real-time to other comments and create a personalized avatar that can be shared over social networks and e-mail.

• The site contains 8 video portraits in 3 encoding formats, 1 audio stream, 3,000 images (used to create and cache all the avatars) and Bande à part, a Web radio station created for the project that streams while the site is navigated.

• All .swf files are downloaded for the cache and video elements and images are downloaded progressively.

• Since launch, the site’s received 18,986 unique visitors.
Credits: www.nfb.ca
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