Venus, the planet of artisans or Shukra (in Sanskrit) has been high in the Winter night sky and is only going to get brighter toward the end of January 2009. Venus is one of our brightest objects in the sky, only second to the Sun and our Moon, followed by grandiose Jupiter in brightness.
After the new moon and Solar eclipse on Jan 25th (midnight) PST, the moon will begin waxing toward beautiful Venus. So, on January 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th the moon will be growing in size and be either to the Left or the Right of the shining planet Venus for quite a spectacular show. Thanks to Jack Horkheimer who has orchestrated a colorful description of this unfolding.
In Vedic astrology (which follows sidereal or astroNOMical views of our skies), Venus is considered exalted, beginning in early February. The planet is described as able to shine its full impression onto us on Earth in this section of sky, Pisces. Venus is a planet of connection, artistry and creative expertise. Albert Einstein was born with Venus in this place of our sky, and his work entailed a great deal of creative thinking. Venus will be in this region of the sky for almost four (4) months this year, when it typically passes through a zodiac or 30 degrees of sky in a mere 3 weeks. This is a unique event in 2009.
So, for now drink in this planet of Beauty and artistry in the night sky. Over the coming months, our orbit around the Sun will be slowly bringing it apparantly around to be the Morning Star. And then we can wake early and watch it "rise" before the Sun and kiss our mornings hello.

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