Urban Legends, the Other and the Dream Shadow

“When you stop running from your demons they will become Angels and guide you toward the light” , Danny Aiello as a Chiropractor, in “Jacobs Ladder” 1990

Urban legends are contemporary stories, myths, and apocrypha that are often taken for the truth. In the age of the Internet they are passed from one person to another. Visual art has the power of making the mythic and the imaginary into truth, by
virtue of it being illustrated. Artists can mine undercurrents in the
zeitgeist, and draw from the unconscious as water from a well. Reality can be
seen as a waking dream. We project ourselves as much as our knowledge and
assumptions on the world around us. We can see how this occurs in dreams. In
dreams , for example, seen as threatening or fearful, we are fighting an enemy
within. We struggle against foes and enemies that appear in dreams. They can
appear monstrous, dark, shadowy, or insurmountable. We appear in our own
dreams as just another character within it, so the dreamer encompasses our
selves but moves beyond it. As the cartoon character Pogo said

“I have seen the enemy and he is us”. The enemy in the dream is a part of ourselves that we have rejected. It is an idea that we are not ready to accept. It is a feeling that comes out of the
shadow, a section of the self that is seen as the other. The other is a mirror,
it is our opposite, it is our love, and yet through it we can extend our
identity into the beyond. Our dreams are the same as our daily reality without
the input from the real world

Images are powerful when they are connected to ideas and knowledge.

Images are never only for art’s sake; they are manifestations, remembrance, research into nature, the self, and the other. The body is transformed into the art image, and separates into a distinct object.
The object is a child, a monster, an idea, and a friend, a concept- a nomadic
figure of beauty that illuminates the evening. We were interested in
asking artists to bring their visions into this exhibition as a way of
illuminating the abstraction, and finding an entertaining way of expressing the

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