Understanding Social Engineering III

How Con Artists Operate

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For a while, The Imposter  was available.  In this third iteration,  Apollo continues to

explain how Misdirection & Deception is used by scammers/poseurs.  He's among the

best at this, and the man who gained notoriety after pickpocketing Secret Service

agents accompanying former President Jimmy Carter.” As a Security Consultant,

he is the go-to guy on the art and practice of misdirection. All deception in fact.

As Naoki Hiroshima, owner of the coveted Twitter handle, @N, learned when

like NASA he was duped, everybody needs lessons. A poseur is “a person who

habitually pretends to be something he is not”. And so is an imposter. Both,

are in the business of deceiving unsuspecting individuals. Whether they

are sociopathic trolls emboldened with every act of deceit or seasoned

criminals socially engineering their way to the top, others' account,

or bent on convincing less intelligent people to live in their funnel

so as to be easily tricked, Social Engineers are everywhere you

want to be. Because I counsel, and particularly online, watch

people too naive, inexperienced and inattentive to notice

jugular clues likely to bite them, I chose Bart Layton's

documentary-thriller about French sociopathic con-

man Frédéric Bourdin to explain the psychological

trickery Security Pros today simply call: Social

Engineering. Some want access to buildings,

data, systems, notoriety, privileges & perks

for malicious reasons and they achieve it

without breaking/hacking a single PC

or system but exploiting identifying

& exploiting human vulnerability

to get to their target. To spot a

poseur/imposter, embrace all

facts; practice objectivity;

Learn Critical Thinking

SkillsAssociative and

Observational Skills

and also the habit

of always Being

Prepared. It's

a process of


tion & no

1 can do

for you

○ ○ ○Responsible Use: Social Media & OSINT vs. Information Risk Management(Follow the Dove)


○ ○ ○Protect Yourself From Liars & Imposters(Follow the Dove)


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