Threat Smart III: Data Exfiltration & Attribution

Business & National Security Strategy Insight Beyond Tech

○ ○ ○Incident Response and short term profit can't recover lost momentum and marketshare once

business data is in your competition's, or a bad actor's hands. Enter Steve Adegbite (above).

Because the Financial industry is ground zero in today's threatscape. Adegbite is the guy on

America's Homeland Security Advisory Council Board with extensive Marine Corps COMINT

& SIGINT background as well as Engineering background. He worked for the NSA and DIA.

And among an endless list of achievements, ran and oversaw Cybersecurity Strategy at

Lockheed Martin, Adobe Systems, Wells Fargo—which to the best of my knowledge,

at the time of the above presentation in Cancun Mexico, is where he works—also,

E*Trade. Always in demand, he is I believe, the brains behind Lockheed Martin's

fabled 7 Step Cyber Kill Chain. Also hyperlinked above. And yes, we know it's

not perfect. Security's hard and porous. Hence the issue of how hard it is to

detect what he appropriately calls, notwithstanding that colorful analogy,

“silent exits”. Formally, Data Exfiltration. Or Data Theft/Data Exfil/Data

Exportation or Data Extrusion. It is the unauthorized and increasingly

sophisticated electronic transfer of data over any network. And as

Steve attests the best security technology out there is no match

given the scale of the problem as well as scarce time, energy

& other human resources required to combat cybercriminals

bent on hacking not just the Financial Industry but Health-

care & countless industries and individuals. Ben Franklin

was way ahead of his time. And probably would be a

better than many InfoSec practitioners/CSO/CISOs

as well as business leaders or CEOs out there, in

2016. Embracing a real world, cost-conscious

view of Business risks, his Risk Management

sense holistically took the approach that

“Distrust and caution are the parents of

security.” Unfortunately, and despite

the prevalence of Cyberespionage

& State-sponsored threat actors

like APT1 U.S. Security Policy

remains woefully naïve. No

-body's saying Attribution

isn't a Problem. What

is clear however, is

National Security

& C-Suite alike

think little of

silent exits,

in planning



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○ ○ ○

Grand Theft Data (2015 McAfee Data Exfiltration Study)High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (6k) Current Top 20 Most Influential in My Development Series (No. 8: Steve Adegbite)

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