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Original video deleted. But a great discussion on Twitter with followers about the quote above,

which can be misleading or wrong in some cases, inspired me. Depending on your competitive

landscape the following insight together with Jack Ma's, is better for small business owners &

for a fee, I can discuss details and train you. But true story: A Chinese Northerner and small

business owner with whom I frequently did business once told one of his subordinates — in

a local dialect — “I like him a lot but every time I do business with him, I just don't make

any profit.” It was a staggering aha! moment for me. Because I realized I'd been selfish.

His wasn't a large corporation. He had a business to grow, employees to pay and family

to feed. And yet, on second thought, I'd come face to face with one realization: Even

in America, my negotiation tactics — then the ruthless sort — would fall in the dirty,

perhaps unethical category. Customer Service can be an overrated and misleading

notion for reasons easily googleable. Strategically, a good business enterprise, if

it is to succeed — whether it wants to scale or not — needs satisfied customers

who genuinely want that business, your business, to continue to exist. Happy

paying clients OK with price hikes, because of your superior value and solid

brand reputation. So,  Customer Experience Innovation? Sure. Invest in it.

But the balance a good business enterprise must strike is what I call the

holy grail, or ultimate winning business strategy: Customer Experience

that is next to impossible to duplicate and satisfied clients that ALSO

want YOUR business to succeed and thrive. I'll avoid naming models

or specific brands in this post. However, small businesses smitten

by the above quote are the same ones — as is common in China

— to fail. If as a fiercely committed founder, you want to nail

it, study & hire people committed strategic preeminence &

strategic intensity. In addition to startup business failure,

to nail the game. Also, as a small business, be on top of

Cash Flow. Master winning contracts without pitching.

And don't underestimate the power of hiring people

who can consistently get hiring right. Empowered,

skilled or well-trained employees in client-facing

roles with good judgment can competently like

the subordinate mentioned above, implement

your Customer Service and ultimate Business

Strategy. They, likely, know more than you

which prospects or customers are jerks &

can handle them professionally. Which,

in the case of the above story a good

employee transformed me, a not so

good, even cheapskate customer,

into a more ethical and satisfied

client. A Win-Win. The goal is

to drive long-term value not

be outfoxed by customers

at every turn. Let Niche

Markets do their thing

as you perfect YOUR

Customer Service.

Differentiation +

great product +



should set

you up!

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