The Quiet Storm (Serendipitous Solitude)

From Lok Ma Chau to Katonah

R.I.P. ELIE WIESEL (09/1928 — 07/2016)

○ ○ ○Once upon a time in Hong Kong, I fell asleep on a train which took me to Lok Ma Chau.

As I stepped out, somewhat disoriented I settled on the right side of the platform and

felt grateful for the sudden moment of clarity I was experiencing. I dug out my iPad,

and serendipitously transcribed: Space is civility’s greatest compliment. Have you

noticed? The great bear, elephant or other wild animals not only demand it but

would kill to protect their space, their privacy, their territory. Being mindful

of space is maturity. Because not all who venture into the outdoors require

validation. Not all who innovate, publish, or test their craft in open view

seek attention.  Nor are they obliged to cater to aggressive inquiry of

ignorant persons with inflated sense of entitlement. Abstaining from

forceful interference in others’ lives is a mark of wisdom...Thank

you, Heavenly Father-Mother God. O give therefore now unto

Thy servant a discerning heart to understand Thy will, and to

guard against despair, treachery and pride. Amen. And as

that moment of clarity transitioned I found myself hum-

ming K.J.P. Spit­ta: "I Know No Life Divided, O Lord

of life, from Thee; In Thee is life provided, For all

mankind and me: I know no death O Father, Be-

cause I live in Thee; Thy life it is that frees us,

From death eternally. I fear no tribulation,

Since, whatsoe’er it be, It makes no sepa-

ration Between my Lord and me: Since

Though, my God & Father, Dost claim

me as Thine own, I richly shall inhe-

rit All good from Thee alone." Now

of course by this time, my heart

was  floating, with joy, for I'd

left Hong Kong, and was far

away in the peaceful cot-

tage in beautiful Katon-

ah, New York where

I was living when J

Jackson's  “That's

the Way Love

Goes”  was


○ ○ ○

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○ ○ ○

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