World leader’s religious leaders, none of them want to get on, all they want is to control everyone, all claim to have the right and the answer, and all make the people pay in some way shape or form. People are individuals why do these political and religious leaders always want to lead them telling them how it is. Further to this, where is it that they lead the people? Repression, wars, dysfunction and the resulting environmental and human impact
The world and the life upon it cannot be owned, neither can God, no man or woman is given direct ownership on anything other than themselves, it is self accountability that is the answer to rules and regulations along with respect for another’s freedom, expression and individualism. All of these leaders tell you/us/me how it is, how they see it. This always seems to include their foolish greed and vast amounts of power and control, but not the people.
We/you/I the people, all beings of the Earth have sovereignty of the planet, so why are the governments, industry and the religious leaders allowed to continue in this fashion? Who gives them the right or the power of Rule?

A few questions on the world economy.
Where is all the money? It doesn't seem to have been kept safe in the banks, so where has it gone?
Who has taken it?
Is it out of circulation?
With the up coming budget, what will they spend more of your money on whilst services are being cut?
Who are you helping, who are you bailing out?
What is the long term plan?
A legal undertaking has been entered into regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions.
What plans do the government have regarding investment into green energy, where are the plans for the new drive of industry?

Divide and rule is an interesting concept/tactic for watering down a source and arresting the development of a collective. What do you do when there are so many good causes to support? A difficult question to answer, but the need for world resolve grows in many individuals around the World. The potential of everyone doing their bit in any way shape or form will eventually permeate the whole system. Like water finds its own level, so to will you. You are one people on one planet, united would be a good way to live under the stars, individual in you, use your 1%. Make it count somewhere for something.
Your Planet needs you.

PhotobucketThe object of this group is to network people their friends and the skills they share in order to help manifest PEACE and put on the first PEACEfestUK2009. Networking with the persistence of vision and a national/international/Global Co-operative Alliance stance uniting in the defence and sharing of PEACE John Lennon: IMAGINE PEACE

Find more music like this on PEACEfestUK
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Why do humans think so 3 dimensionally, if mankind???s mindset does not expand, then neither will his spirit?Everything is connected.Creation is an ongoing process.Frequencies exist in all things.Harmony is ONE.Photobucket The PEACEfestUK Friend-Ship
This is your opportunity to share a message of PEACE. The Friend-Ship is travelling many gateways through the physical, real and virtual world. Its mission is to pick up and connect people of peace as it travels around the system Planet Earth.
The Friend-Ship is using the latest;
This is hooked up to a modified (symbiotic) Filter Flask, when combined they have the ability to use frequencies as a power generating system for the ships main drive. Though the ship has the ability to use both -ve and +ve frequencies.
Research has shown that the use of harmonic frequencies yields the best results for forward motion.


We have had our onboard probability scanner looking at the task in hand (PEACEfestUK 2009) and the time window allocated, it has also been working out the amount of fuel left onboard the PEACEfestUK Friend-Ship that is flying through the mass.
Our findings have revealed that the need for a landing site is reaching a critical point, it is essential to locate this site before the PEACEfestUK Friend-Ship runs out of fuel and comes crashing down in some random spot. It is true that the ship is fitted with an onboard tracking system, so all will not be lost, but the recovery & refueling of the Friend-Ship would take time and it would be better to have a course plotted as soon as possible to prevent any delay.




Captains log 0-N-1T, Greetings commander Friend, we understand your predicament on board the Friend-Ship and we are doing everything we can to network a landing site before your fuel cells run too low. Hopefully someone within the UK will see your ship passing and send a homing signal for a reliable landing site

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