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The Open-Minded Community (Project) was founded (by THiNKTaNK, initially as a website) in 1999 to foster and advance the bases for positive, practical, healthy, meaningful, long-term, and enriched human relations, the object being to help reinstate the lost element of mutual understanding in our world community, and insofar as possible, eradicate close-mindedness, detrimental self-centeredness, human ignorance and error the abundance of which perpetuates avoidable suffering of unpardonably appalling proportions. Specifically, it comprises an ensemble of discreet initiatives spread thinly and strategically across the globe, via the web and other public media (directly or indirectly) concerned with improvement of the human condition; without gloating over results.

In most cases, constructive back scene consultations as well as vivid discussions of the kind featured on American Public Media, BBC, NPR, and PRI among others supplement the Project’s core values and trajectory.

The Latin phrase "Damnant quod non intelligunt" best represents one of the main impetuses behind The Open-Minded Community Project’s birth. Its meaning is yours to discover. Nevertheless, to suggest the Community challenges individuals to be truly and "positively" open-minded from the outset is no understatement.

We believe that open-mindedness is a discipline to which one wilfully commits, not another false profession. We do not espouse intellectual arrogance or comprehensive knowledge (whether of life, deity, creation and its origins, history in general or the trappings of moral relativism and dogma) of the kind promulgated by the likes of Dawkins, Hawking, or Hitchens. Making broad assumptions is not our way. We espouse critical thinking and analysis of the sort that covers all angles and approaches all discourse and human experience with a healthy degree of intellectual humility and flexibility that lends itself to necessary overhaul once understanding is broadened and persuasion wins the day.

In a world of Haves and Have-Nots wherein millions perish and/or are left behind daily due to socio-structural biases and other economic and legal injustices sometimes fuelled by well-orchestrated ignorance, The Open-Minded Community (Project) is more concerned with hands-on humanitarian deeds one person or audience at a time, informational empowerment and anti-miseducation initiatives rather than walled, stagnant thinking and behind the desk pontificating by exhibitionist egos and poseurs clamoring for attention.

We believe that no single denomination, religion, or peoples (whatever their race, creed, or affiliation) holds any monopoly over positive, practical living. And this view/vision cannot be misrepresented by anyone who comes into contact with Our Community. This is why we seek to learn from each other at a genuine and intimate level and in the process, pay humanity and ourselves—in the words of Thurgood Marshall—“the highest tribute”.

The Open-Minded Community (Project) is—when all is said and done—all about realizing the importance of dealing with the cancerous corollary of indifference that is ignorance and denials and insecurity within us as the starting point to greater mutual understanding and positive living. Recognition of the Universality of Good (through acts of commission rather than omission and ignorance), True Brotherliness, Respect and Dignity towards our fellow human being, is what I envisioned in founding this initiative.

The Open-Minded Community (Project) is disinterested in bigotry and xenophobia—that irrational and often presumptuous fear or intolerance of all things new, different, foreign (people included) via fixated obsession with words like "strange" and “weird”; the superficial pigeonholing of things and people we lack the patience or sophistication to understand; and the “otherization” of all that is unlike what narrow-mindedness entertains and perpetuates.Wasteful competition, whether of intellect or the "I’m-better-than-you" mentality, and similar superficial viewpoints or attitudes are irrelevant; needless as it is all about practicing, fostering, advancing positive influence, humor, and camaraderie as a route to (world) peace and harmony.

Finally, we believe avoidance of wastage (whether in food matters or all human relations) is a benevolent and achievable ideal. We believe also, that spacious substantive progressive social intercourse and Love is All; that proliferation of hatred (juvenile insecurity-based cliquishness, prejudice, xenophobia or negativity) has no legitimate mandate, hence its ultimate emptiness and nothingness once pleasure and exhibitionism have been exhausted. GENUINE people (only) wanted.

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