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I have never met Alessandro Siciodr Bianchi, never spoken to him, In fact the only contact I have had with him have been two short emails. Familiarity is not important, I have never met Picasso or Rembrandt but I still appreciate them as the very unique artists they are and if Alessandro at the age of 25 is not yet in their category, he is still one of the most  fascinating artist I have seen in a long time. His work is the stuff of nightmares or at least fractured dreams; Hieroymus Bosch without the burden of religion. The Grotteschi of the Italian Renaissance, this description not to be confused with the general adjective of the English to mean unpleasant or disgusting but more related to uncomfortable bizarreness unlike Gothic gargoyles, beautiful yet disturbing, compelling yet revolting.
Many artist can produce moving works that exercise the intellect but there are few that can penetrate deeper into the recess of our emotion. Art that questions, uncomfortable indeed, yet compelling.
By accident or design he paints in the candle lit atmosphere of the masters of the Renaissance, seemingly breathing the air of Francesco Petrarch and Giotto, depictions of long departed reality kept alive in the dark place of the imagination, Surreal before surrealism.autore dell'opera Sicioldr

So who is Alessandro Sicioldr Bianchi “I was born in Tarquinia but I now live and work in Perugia. I work mainly with oil paint pencil and coloured pencils. The subjects I suppose are surreal in nature that manifest from my unconscious thought process that I can then represent using  ablend of contemporary and traditional techniques. This visualisation began at a very early age when as a child I would depict drawings of strange and frightening worlds. Its was just these early manifestations that sent my kindergarten teacher off to call my parents suggesting the need for an exorcism. I studied and worked under the guidance of my father in his classic painting atelier where I learned not only how to paint, but how to prepare wood with Cennino Cenninis technique, how to mix and grind pigment and how to build and docorate custom frames. In 2014 I moved to my own personal atelier.  The inspiration often comes from  a mixture of both my day dreaming visions and from the studies of art, history, psychology, mythology, philosophy, literature and science”.

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At the age of 25 Alessandro  already has an established and recognisable  style and is compulsive  viewing. He has several successful exhibitions and book illustrations behind him , to view more of his work check out his site on facebook, Behance and twitter or the halfmanhalfwall channel on youtube.

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