The Leadership Series
: Leading By Example

Would You Give Up 25% of Your Salary?

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Great Leadership is courageously putting your money, time and energies where your mouth or professed vision, mission and purpose is, —in service of something larger than your ego, the status quo, or Machiavellian politics. Great Leadership is not just about revenue and/or results.

As above, it is about enabling the progress of ALL through tangible empowerment and acknowledgment of ALL. Not just the clique and claque. Because, as George Bancroft rightly put it: “The measure of progress of civilization is the progress of the people.”

In a world wherein consistency is a punchline and empty words are thrown around by people and so-called “leaders” with no core; people who suck up to establishment, set the bar low, and project bossy (infra) rather than great leader mindset that asks and always answers difficult questions such as, “What is the right thing to do right now?”, Raymond Burse's raises the bar. He demonstrated how NOT aloof he is by doing the Math, and then resolved to part with $90,000 of his $350,000 per year salary, to lift others up.

When Bill Watterson said: “It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept”, people laughed. Because only those who are not clued in, comfortable in a 'bubble of irreality' and fake news; not deeply aware, and therefore, lack the capacity to hold complexity regarding the “struggle” others less privileged than they are, believe everything is about Politics, invidious Machiavellian politics, satire, or sarcasm. On the contrary, Great Leadership begins with a deep awareness that nothing discussed, raised, proposed, or argued in this manifesto is abstract. If it appears so, despite the overwhelming evidence in the Series, then you're out of touch, and/or won't make a great leader. Because great leaders, as innovators, connect the dots. And they live out their philosophy of genuine progress for ALL. Not an in-group. So who's a leader again?

A leader is a stable, tenacious, strategically oriented and highly accountable and disciplined executor, servant and enabler of vision, great ideas, great potential, quality, people and service in a way that ensures sustainability and continued success. Click for alternate view.

To understand this definition—and Breakthrough Idea for March 2013see in its entirety, the 2012 documentary Jaglavak, Prince of Insects for free on Hulu.

A person is a leader because they readily seize initiative and resourcefully tackle complicated challenges, intimidating, and commonly avoided problems while remaining courageous and wise enough to strategically “quit”, scale down or abort projects & missions.

A person is a leader because as a strategically oriented visionary and lifelong learner who is humble and pragmatic, they bring agility, context, risk management, critical and creative thinking, active listening, excellent communication, networking, human relations and negotiation skills; problem sensitivity, observational skills and an eclectic array of problem-solving skills that include the self-discipline to resist micro-managing and delegate tasks to those more capable.

A person is a leader because they absolutely believe in, and consistently demonstrate Respect and Dignity for ALL individuals in the organization or those under their command without Fear, Favoritism, Amnesia, Prejudice, Trickery/Sabotage, Gimmickry/Cowardice and other Manipulative Malice.

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A person is a leader because their ethical compass, the linchpin of which is fair-mindedness, is crystal clear whatever the context, and importantly, non-negotiable. And therefore, free of corrupt influence. A good leader therefore hires not only for skill but also for attitude so as to maintain an a*shole-free and hence, productive work culture that is more than a breath of fresh air, as is the culture of Google.

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A person is a leader because whether they are formally in a position of power or not, they foster, advance and passionately execute with good foresight strong ideas that serve the public good, solidify organizational success and cohesion and enhance individual effectiveness in a way that motivates, and is worthy of emulation. And they never feel threatened by another's rise.

A person is a leader because they appreciate that the exemplification of good judgment begins with the courage and self-discipline to do what is right and ethical no matter how unpopular; to protect and serve by refraining from illicit pleasures that involve dehumanizing (i.e., celebrating, encouraging, applauding or tolerating the tearing down of some/one, for the benefit of) others. Indeed, a good leader understands that failure in this regard, diminishes them.

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A person is a leader because they view their existence as a calling: to serve, deliver and over-deliver value while enabling others (in the tribe, organization or those under their command) to be as great as they humanly can.

A person is a leader because they are so driven by productivity, efficient use of time and resources and powerful results that they are “close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate”. And it is for this reason that whatever the context, a good leader is unconcerned with, influenced, or intimidated by the status quo, popularity, so-called “superiors”, survivalism, careerism, political correctness, or a FoMO (fear of missing out) syndrome.

A person is a leader because as a fearless, highly accountable and disciplined disruptor, trendsetter or trailblazer, he or she DOES NOT subscribe to mediocrity. Their façade-free, 'just the facts, ma'am' disposition wins and builds trust, itself a rare and hard currency in the marketplace of Machiavellian (office) politics and/or business competition. As such, they tirelessly endeavor to get the balance between Management and Leadership right by getting Emotional and Social Intelligence right.

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A person is a leader because he/she is a tireless embodiment of true excellence, tenacity and accountability. And in order to be the change agent they are, they must be prepared to deal with C.R.A.P. This is what makes a leader dare greatly, whatever the odds. And finally...

A person is a leader because their readily verifiable actions, body of work and character speak louder than the biased commendation of friend, self proclamations, or bitter accusation of foes. And they thrive on sacrifice and patience that is rare in an age of inattention, knowing that “inventing and pioneering require the willingness to be misunderstood for long periods of time”.

So the question then, is, will you be a Leader/Builder, or a cynic interfering with others' self-determination and potential, as Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos asks? Continue where other change agents hang out. And below (VPN may be required if in China)

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