A Reservoir Deep Within


○ ○ ○So for a limited time, you can click, and enjoy the movie above. That is to say, I cannot

promise it'd be available for viewing one day, week or months after publication of this

blog. Scotland ... There is a deep reservoir within. A reservoir of beauty, love, smiles,

warmth; of intellect, spirituality, humor, natural splendor ... cultural competency &

intercultural intercourse, architecture and indescribable serenity. Scotland, where

a beautiful Greek Cypriot fell in love with me and wouldn't let go; a statuesque

Nigerian medical grad student with Iman looks would come to my flat just to

make a fuss about whose hair she just found in my bathroom all the while

denying she liked me. Scotland, where between Old College & the Royal

Museum of Scotland, an Australian tourist enroute to France snogged

me without any warning minutes after meeting inside the museum

and happily skipped away, yelling the promise: “I'll send you post

-cards from France and Belgium, I promise!” Promises she kept

adding in her first letter, “I always wanted to kiss a Black man

and run away!! Thanks for giving me that chance!” Scotland.

Where education's rich, church is sweet, libraries cold yet

cozy; where humor's abundant & my love for all things

Celtic's always requited. Scotland, where both tap &

natural (Scottish) mineral water taste heavenly &

frankly, better than Evian and all the rest. This

country, that gave me my Master of Laws, the

friendship of Stamatina, with whom I share

a deep love of Art, Classical Music and all

things serene and positive; this country

that gave me the love and warmth of

Karen now in Japan, the funniest &

hippiest half Welsh, half English

White girl to ever make toast

and cook for me. Scotland

is that reservoir within

that makes laughing

at cruelty thrown

at me bearable.

Like Robbie,

so Scottish

beauty &

grit. Al




○ ○ ○The Quiet Storm (What Batters You)

Highly Recommended (Follow the Dove)


○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○

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