The Fully Integrated Life Chronicles (Act 3, NYC 2)

Living in Pieces & Not in Peace


○ ○ ○If you can live in New York City in peace, rather than in pieces. If you can transcend

all the hustle & bustle, the addiction to drama, self-centeredness, the desperate need

for control, obsession with money/superficiality, crime, feeling of meaninglessness.

If you can survive all that and the noise pollution in New York City in particular,

and having lived here for at least a decade, preserve your identity, your original

core values, then I believe you've attained a feat where most fail. In an always

on culture where life is not only fast but hard and riddled with exorbitant

bills, it is very easy for one's sense of normal to be quickly replaced. But

does it have to be that way? Is that how your script needs to read or

end? In New York, the mails come in droves. Mailboxes overflow.

For some, in less than three days. 'Feel like refuting that? Ask a

veteran mailman from the City. Not a troll. From unsolicited

catalogs, offers and magazines to bills and plain junk. How

then does the mindful New Yorker detox? By guarding

their mindset with clearly-defined goals, purging the

soul of all noise so they can think, live and breathe

more clearly. By simplifying their lives, in other

words. Out there in the Empire State, I know

hundreds of kids, adults & new immigrants

alike, are living the same experiences I've

relived over and again: doing their best

work and finding peace in bathrooms

where over & again, they grind and

burn the midnight oil. There is

a woman I love, to whom this

blog is dedicated who never

mindfully pledged to live

in peace. So she loudly

tears up/through her

mountains of mails

daily, Celebrity &


TV on, 24/7,

Living, in


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