How Robust Is The Strategic Thinking Powering Your Dreams?

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Dreams without strategic backbone wither. And people fail when they entertain folks who do

not inspire greatness within. Your dreams — that venture startup demands execution acumen;

requires due diligence. Reaching your potential, actualizing your current dreams, or fulfilling

your destiny demands that you respect yourself enough to respect key prerequisites such as

those seen in the video above. This includes setting high expectations for yourself & your

team. What sort of characters are allowed around you, what kind of characters are not.

Because from character/mindset/high quality relationships comes mental conditioning.

Because to be ruthlessly efficient — getting the most out of your 24hrs maintaining

momentum, good work ethic (traction/rhythm) and to be explicit about how much

dishonesty or authenticity you ARE willing to tolerate, is all proof of commitment

to success. “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly

in mind. Weak desires,” said Napoleon Hill, bring weak results, just as a small

fire makes a small amount of heat.” Correlation between mental fortitude &

desire—à la America's Next Top Model survivors—is apparent & instructive.

The durable ones kept it together as part of their process. Accountability

and being realistic (not to be confused with being unreasonable despite

the odds against you) must be balanced against desired goals. Without

that; without a deliberate attempt to test one's assumptions, all you

get is unnecessary failure. Unwise and very costly failure rooted in

wilful ignorance. And/or, lack of a well-thoughtout strategy. Your

support crew and importantly, those you trust the most, should

include highly capable strategic thinkers who can do the due

diligence you can't. Highly informed,  open-minded people

courageous enough to confront you with information you

may otherwise be blissfully unaware of. Facts relevant

to your dreams, and ultimate success. This is trickier

than it sounds, —because ignorant and incompetent

people who lack self-discipline prefer to live in

a fishbowl. They are allergic to analyzing their

own mistakes, learning from others' mistakes

& being corrected plus commitment to self-

development  is not their strong suit. You

present/confront them with irrefutable

empirical data, evidence or quotes &

like Fox News they'll turn around &

make up their own self-centered

facts. It's a form of mediocrity.

Laziness dressed up in school

uniform prepared to waste

precious time you value

with assumption-based

insular paradigm that

doesn't inspire, and

enlighten anyone.

Pull away, from

such people,

so greatness

can easily

find you

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Success: Good Strategy Well Executed(Follow the Dove)


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