The Art of Authentic Success: When Bill Met Melinda

She Wasn't Waiting To Get Picked

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One of the greatest temptations many artists and people who aren't rich succumb to

is hoping, waiting and/or reaching a saturation point where they believe somebody,

with deep pockets surely will pick them and give them a game-changing big break.

But as Brian Tracy (video further below) affirms: there are no big breaks. More

often than not, it is self-discipline, independence, assiduous work ethic as well

the focus, planning and brilliant execution of goals that either lead directly to

fulfilled dreams or setup meaningful, life changing encounters. Consider for a

moment, the story of how Bill and Melinda Ann French met. She took a

Microsoft job offer, got straight to working hard & six-and-a-half years

later she had advanced through the ranks enough to be noticed by her

future husband. A man who just happened to be the Founder & CEO

of Microsoft. She wasn't waiting to be picked. Melinda Ann French

simply accepted a job at Microsoft because she'd been told career

progression was certain if she worked hard. I see many people

waiting to be picked. And yet, “the great secret of success in

life is for a man to be ready when his opportunity comes”.

Sexually-oriented shortcuts to success in China by both

decent women/Shengnǚ and gold-diggers alike led the

Guangdong government in March 2011 to mandate

that all females in elementary and middle school be

be required to take a new course in “Self-esteem,

Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-improve

-ment”. Read the NYT report here. I met a

a giddy, newly married Chinese IBMer at

at McDonald's recently. The couple met

while they were studying in Sydney.

Cultured. Unlike this “lady”. But

regardless how privileged or

well-connected, those who

don't take time to invest

in their development,

may acquire wealth

illicitly, but I've

found, remain


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