From Incompetence To Upgrading Your Relationships & Mindset

Did you know — it's not just regular people but leaders, managersrecruiters and well educated

people are often incompetent. In fact according to a Cornell University research, the selfsame

people unaware also often lack the ability to recognize their own incompetence because the

skills required for competency, happens to be the exact skills needed to spot incompetence!

Don't worry. We'll avoid D.J. Trump. But when Les Brown talks about not knowing he didn't

know and yet thinking he did, that resonates. When he talks about being sad after making

considerably more money in a small 45minute gig (over $400,000) than he had previously

made as a result of upgrading his relationships; the incompetence underpinning his bad,

previously low quality relationships as well as deep sense of regret he felt, resonates.

And that is why when Hyman G. Rickover said: “It is necessary for you to learn from

others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself”, he must

have been talking to people like you and me. People who value the above. Most

people neither foster the self-awareness nor humility let alone competence, to

to make necessary adjustments—from Fixed to Growth Mindset—to facilitate

that success they so desperately crave. One multi-property owner I know, is

always broke. This woman who lives in the U.S. but owns houses and land

in Africa, has been unnecessarily financially insecure for 2 decades now.

Like Les Brown and so many others including his mother, who needn't

apologize for being born in a historical context where opportunities

for quality education & career advancement, particularly for Black

folk, were scarce, the cost & consequences of ignorance for her

was almost certain. Yet unlike Les Brown, her unwillingness to

to discipline herself and upgrade both personal and business

relationships has robbed her of the priceless value of such

a move: the untold financial benefit of operating from a

more advanced, informed, effective & proven wealth

management paradigm. Without consistent access to

motivational messages like the above if not brutal

honesty of the kind one's only likely to get from

individuals with strategic direction, purpose &

focus such as highly successful entrepreneurs

and/or role-models who're ideally ethical,

it is almost impossible to zoom out and 

analyze, OWN & fix the poor judgment

cycle holding us back. I know people

like the woman I mentioned who'd

fare far better if only they would

rid themselves of the incompe-

tent 'old timer' friends running

their businesses aground. To

expect much innovation &

passion from 'old timers'

who quit their dreams

eons ago's unrealistic

the same way folks

likely to find Les

Brown's  video

above 'boring'

are likely to

inspire you

to greater



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