The Art of Authentic Success (Part III)

Ready For Prime Time Success?

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I received a text message from a mentee last year saying in effect, I know exactly what my

problem is. I just don't know how to solve it. Another told me just last night that he knows

he can just suck it up and stay on” his current bad job. Both had sought my counsel in the

first place because they feel and having seen them, admittedly look burned out, dissatis-

fied with their prospects, caught up in the mundane, and want to chart a new territory

for their lives and career. One even quoted some lines from my 4 Rules of Execution-

Focused Leadership blog which begins as follows: The name of the game is impact.

To make your/my project(s) work. To realize long-term goals. Not merely envision

things, set, write and define goals only to allow inertia, lack of focus & ineffec-

tive execution to slowly smother them. Well, I wasn't impressed. Because I'm

not Mr. Quote Things guy. At a personal & hands-on level, if you read these

blogs immersing yourself, the first thing you begin doing is ask yourself

truthful, deeply intimate and very difficult questions meant to move

the needle as Les Brown did. “To hell with circumstances,” cried

Bruce Lee. “I create opportunities. Effective people change

the undesirable status quo by creatively building long-range

doors of opportunity. They're so focused on the demands

of that task alone that as true Ninjas they seek clarity

by actively taking steps through spiritual and other

means to eliminate noise. When you reach that

point where your bed & your meals get cold

and you have breakfast near dinnertime.

When you either can't finish, or often

forget to have breakfast and can't

sit still because a whirlwind of

rejections and near-hits are

inspiring you to do more.

When TV/sideshows or

others' drama don't

register on your

radar, that's

when you


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