TELLURIDE, COLORADO Our Lives are intertwined forever in the solid documentation of “ART”, created by means of support of a wealthy community, that entertains idea's of slavery. I Know because I was one. The towns daughter visited New Orleans during Jazz Fest and My Bar, “TREME” was just discovered by the I.R.S. As being Illegal, unlawful, den of inequity, located in the old Story-ville section of town also known as Treme. I rented an empty duplex for a few hundred because it was dilapidated, and in need of repair. A Deserted Bar and Restaurant provided all the equipment and tables, chairs, stained glass, and cobalt blue mirrors from the thirties. I used a hand truck that had steel wheels and a slave handle with a brake. A few friends helped me “raid” one joint and create, “An After Hours Joint”, without any funds. I hired all musicians to play all the time, we were open as a proving ground for their work and a plate of beans and rice, with a sausage, and a few beers or soda for their pay. Having seen me operate, Telluride's Steffi Gerdts seduced me with idea's of a perfect life together with Her and The Gerdts, Rehnquist Family, Telluride, Her Brother Chris, Aunt Loewy, and The Oullette's, and a few thousand millionares. I operated The family owned Bar and Restaurant, named, “Fly Me To The Moon”. It was located in the excavated basement of The Gargoyle Building located right on Main Street. Behind that was “The Cribs”, Remnants of The Old days when They Housed The Whores that serviced the Miners of The Silverado Mine. The Gerdts family were third generation Ski Area Developers called Lodestar Realty, which owned extensive lands, that were traded for a ranch called Snowmass, near Aspen. Six Thousand acres, in trade for two hundred forty acres, now Telluride was the goal. The Billionaires kicked out The Millionaires. Stefanie had an abortion without even talking to me, and I couldn't make Love with Her afterward. She O'D'D on Coke, and I commandeered a car, and drove Her to The Clinic, to be saved in spite of being dead, and revived. She never even Thanked Me, and The Family Shunned Me, Never Even Giving Me a Good Recommendation. I was involved in forming The Jazz Society, and The Jazz Fest there, and later on Maui. The Family owns The only Gold Mine in Aspen that makes money by being closed. I gave them four and a half years of My Life, and They never even said Hell-o, How Are You, Do You need Anything? The Truth of 1% er's and Their Slaves working for minimum wage. I Have a Few Hundred Oil-Paintings completed in The last three Years, here on The Big Island Hawaii. 808-315-3973

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