The False Promise of Meritocracy


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This blog took over a year to finish. I don't know how attorney Scott Neal above is doing now.

But some of us are bootstrappers. With a six figure student loan debt stapled to our hustle. I

would never tell you I was ripped off”. That my three universities were predators”. And I,

the prey, and cash cow. I take full responsibility for my own lack of planning and execution.

What some label “elite education is not my concern. The false promise of Meritocracy as

it relates to Jobs, Legal & Higher Education, is. My first problem with Meritocracy, is the

assumption it even exists. Sure I wrote about Kwasi Enin,who was admitted to all eight

Ivy Leagues. Just like Avery Coffey who got into 5. Then Saheela Ibraheem, who was

only 15 when she was admitted by Harvard and other top American universities. But

that doesn't change the axiom “Talent is universal [but] opportunity is not.” You do

not have genuine Meritocracy in any system wherein a privileged elite, whether

through nepotism or based on  socioeconomic & racial/ethnic background, sets

the rules for admission, inclusion or exclusion. And by catering only to the in-

group, morphs into plutocracy that adulterates the essence of Meritocracy

to the point where privileged people or classes who are out of touch go

about arrogantly making broadly dismissive counterclaims in defense of

the very system that serves them well while maintaining all is fine &

dandy. Yishai Schwartz' rebuttal of Bill Deresiewicz's essay & book,

including the title — An Attack On The Ivy League Is An Attack on

Meritocracy Itself highlights that common fallacious reasoning.

Part 2 of Breakthrough Ideas July 2012 features a story about

Jim, son of a very wealthy White real estate investor who

barely touched his own college application yet found his

way into Stanford. Graduated aloof but well-connected

nected and sent to Wall Street. What It Means To Be

Human, Basics plus Excellence With Soul or Values-

Driven Education, What Meaningful Education Is,

  Emotional Intelligence and Character famished.

Calculated well-supported ambition or success

of such organization types who often have

a solid family safety net (and Scott Neil's,

is), is fine so long as humility is brought

to bear. Ivy League or not, the Scott

Neil(s) of the world're trustworthy

because they GET Meritocracy's

pretenses, and therefore are

unlikely 2b spotted in Asian

KTVs  or circles mocking

Homeownership, and

Education  indebted

expats Teaching &

hustling  across

Asia, for jobs

to clear all

t  h e i r

l o a n


○ ○ ○Breakthrough Ideas for December 2013 Images hyperlinked. Recommended: College Scam | Law School Scam

Teaching  Done  Right  ( Part  1 )




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