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We learned thanks to C.S. Lewis in Strategic Social Networking: iQ2 why whenever a ship sets sail, it fundamentally must answer and satisfy three key questions:

How to keep from sinking?

How to avoid bumping into other ships? And critically:

Why is it even out there in the first place?

I can't join Digg, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Weixin/Wechat/Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Del.icio.us and all the rest, just because everyone else is creating accounts on those platforms. Is “passing timestrategy?

I can't set up a store on Taobao, just because everyone else appears to be doing it any more than I can accept and use a million credit cards just because financial institutions are throwing them at me, or get the poshest smartphone as a status symbol. What am I trying to prove/achieve?

Not inclined ONLY to add my two cents just because of that article, blog or post I skipped because it had 0 comment but now shows 2, 7, 19, 104, 1598 and counting...Now attractive to shallow me. Nothing wrong with that. Even if it is Much Ado About Nothing. Sure, goals and motivations vary. But Strategic Social Networking enunciates and sticks to its purpose.

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Anything less is a distraction. And our time, which is our most important resource, is sacred.

There are Social Networks, Niche Networks (like this one/Ning), Customers and Service Networks; Documents, Events, Music, Video, (Audio and Video) LiveCasting, Video Aggregation, Location, SMS & Voice Network services, as a well as Crowdsourced Content, Social Bookmark, Blogging and Conversation Platforms, Communities, Comment and Reputation, Micromedia, Twitter, and services based on Twitter itself.

Wiki search(es) too. Click (twice) below to zoom, and understand.

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So now ask yourself:

How many of these do I want to be on?

What are my personal or business reasons...my Idea Diffusion strategy?

How much time can I afford before this thing breaks me? Any exit strategy?

When my mother recently suffered a heart attack while running an errand for me, one of the ways I dealt with it while she recovered was to revisit and rewrite my Mission Statement for Life: My core life purpose so as to stay IN SHAPE inside out and remain uncompromised.

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To stay uncompromised by consistently living a life of service as an accountable servant and student of God and humanity, persistently at work in the furtherance of Human Development day to day.

To stay uncompromised as an accountable brother, son, father, husband, uncle, family man, authentic friend, business partner/professional, educator; global citizen.

To stay uncompromised as a champion of Peace, Moral Courage, Authenticity, True Happiness (that inspires, heals and transforms instead of seeking to tear down, bear false witness or divide people), and Excellence worthy of emulation. In short, to be a useful soul and fully evolved Human Being who is not double-faced. As at work, so at home.

To stay uncompromised as a problem solver, builder, innovator and exemplary leader who leaves every thing or place better than he found it, rather than fomenting trouble, being a troublemaker, saboteur, poseur or sadist, be inspired by, and constantly opt for the company of those with a growth mindset. And shun stinkin' thinkin' and fixed mindsets.

To stay uncompromised yet open-minded and inclusive, purpose-driven and humorous in collaborating with others to leave an indelible mark of good, whatever the context. Till death.

Your core purpose for living and staying grounded will keep you resilient in moments of confusion, turmoil and self-doubt because while it is easy to look good on the outside or make money, it is much harder to stay grounded.

Your greatest opportunity for growth begins with Self Management.

From thence springs all the Discipline/Self-Discipline requisite for staying grounded, developing a core and accelerating individual effectiveness, maturity and Personal Leadership acumen; that not only makes great workplaces, but crucially, provide the fibre to withstand, learn from, and/or cope with:

Rejection, failure, mockery, vilification, poverty, tribulation/attrition/affliction, perspective, keen observation, —of how others conduct their lives, squander (as Cambridge-educated Merrill Lynch employee Rurik Jutting recently did in Hong Kong), or leverage their fortunes. Even Nature.

So, what're you doing here? Or as a criminal psychopath barked: “god, you're still here???”

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