Strategic Social Networking: Emotional Design, Hyperlinked

Design 360° Series

FIRST PUBLISHED IN 2012 If you could build yourself a light and portable computer that's thinner than the latest iPad,

and this device were capable of flawlessly cooking any favorite cuisine of choice (break-

fast, lunch or dinner) on demand, would you? And if envious neighbors aware of your stu

-pendously practical computer which by the way, also possesses waterless dishwashing,

laundry and microwave capabilities complained saying the aroma & fresh laundry scent

hurt their eyes, noses, children & unborn children, you'd probably be unsurprised and

even chuckle at the sophism, wouldn't you? The inability and/or refusal, as Sir Ken

Robinson counsels to recognize creativity as an origination, invention or approach

that has or adds value; to think not in categories but instead shred one's default

setting mindset so as to lucidly appreciate the distinct diversity say, of talents

in an individual or some people, and of use (whatever the context), is a comm

-on barrier to appreciating the reach, capacity and reasoning behind sophisti

-cated design and human behavior alike. Case in point, to really understand

what a blog is let alone strategic/intelligent computing, social media use &

so forth including basic security/privacy, fairly strong Associative & Cri

-tical Thinking Skills are required. Most people — and they're almost aI

-ways the same ones who attack designers and innovative people — do

not understand that a blog is a webpage. Academically, it is easy to

memorize. In practice, one needs the aforementioned habits and

skills to really grasp its implications. And that begins with under-

standing at a very basic level what we really mean when we say

WWW (or the world wide web). You'll notice HTML (the code

I'm using to design this blog) is inevitable when defining W3.

That code (whether the design is fully baked or not), effec

-tively, is My Briefcase. And that totality that is My Blog,

comprises one of several Global Libraries I own, which

elucidates Victor Papanek's remark that “Design is the

conscious effort to impose a meaningful order.” I

conceptualize, design & build tactically emotional

experiences for strategic (business , personal and

other) use. For example, this Music Manager &

also, for like-minded early adopters & inno-

vators as well as curious strangers & globa-

lists. And those who understand the HTML

WWW access implications at a practical

& holistic level, tend to be careful a-

about their presumptions. Because

once Design is complete & in use,

most of the discussion regarding

function (between designer &

user) often goes offline and

is totally private. We'll ex

-plore that in subsequent

series of this blog. But

from Ford's collabor-

ation with Come-

dian Kevin Hart

to MiT, Design

360° (below)

is all about



& value

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