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The original 9 Pillars by THiNKTaNK:

Peace is not a wordy wish that dwells amidst the façade of politically, socially, personally, or religiously choreographed harmony. Apprehension of the human condition and the human connection, is paramount. And that begins with the unconditional acknowledgment that ALL LIVES have equal value, and, are entitled to justice and dignity.Underlying and overlying Peace is an attitude of sustained accountability tapped from beneath the deepest aquifers of spiritual and sound moral bases, and assiduously watered by vigilant practitioners of Peace, —be they at the United Nations, at sea, in the corps, on Social Media, on some desert, on the streets, or in the slums. For that reason, Gestalt philosophy (below) is not an invitation to self-centeredness but complement Covey's Maturity Continuum.Peace comes from the dignified conviction that good CAN, and MUST, for the betterment of the human condition, always overcome evil, —costly duplicity and human error included.Peace is its own antithesis and a misnomer in that like the natural wonder of waterfalls and yet unlike meditation, its efficacy depends on ceaseless positive action rather than passivity. And realization of that perception, if accurate, is a minor victory over indifference and injustice anywhere. For happiness, albeit interlinked with peace, is not relative.Peace, correctly understood, is happiness. And the powerfully pragmatic and survivalist character such understanding instills is Nature’s best: heightened dignity and unwavering hope in the face of hardship.Never entrust Peace and its furtherance to the lazy, pretentious, the con artist, the anti-intellect, those unskilled in embracing inconvenient truths resorting instead to vendetta aimed at otherizing others, covertly and overtly justifying hate and violations while aggressively recalibrating truths; Certainly not the incompassionate, for in the words of Susan Jacoby, “Rampant ignorance and a positive contempt for evidence exists” even in this wired world.If compassion is truly the best idea humanity has ever had, then entrust Peace to those who demonstrate apprehension of the essence of that thing we call “The Human Condition.” Those willing to DO MORE than merely signing The Charter for Compassion, merely donating, merely adopting (infants and children abroad), or merely showing up at church services or charity events to feel good.Peace needs enthusiastic partners and foot soldiers seeking to cherish the globe. Not the aloof peace offerings of inexperienced, pretentious, or privileged theorists, —well-meaning, albeit self-centered. Peace therefore, is not a word of convenience evoked for selfish ends, but the embodiment and substance of proof.Peace, finally, begins with the Moral Reasoning, Moral Courage and Moral Leadership that rejects ALL forms of Oppression and Terrorism, without Fear or Favoritism, and verifiably adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, when all is said and done:

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