Enough Wild Goose Chasing

○ ○ ○Wild goose chasing takes many teachable forms. The supermarket worker back in New York

who squandered his entire break desperately pleading “Hello? Hello? Don't hang up on me!

only to be hang up on over and over again. The green card holder with bad judgment who

was and has, on a number of occasions been manhandled, badly beaten by the NYPD and

yet keeps returning to the same places, hanging out with bad crowd, driving while

intoxicated, smoking pot in all black car with blacked out rims and windows, being

pulled over, and then wondering why. Spending over ten years litigating & filing

lawsuits related to the above indiscretions all the while rejecting settlements

offers in hopes of bigger paydays? O I know such people. Probably you too.

And they teach us, if we adopt the right perspective, the importance of

streamlining & simplifying our lives so there's less wild goose chasing

and more gainful paper chasing. At what point for instance does a

man pause, ponder and rightly conclude: This city, state, country

& circle of friends aren't/isn't helping me fulfill my potential.

When, is it ripe to concede that jobs or relationships where

little or no appreciation whatsoever's evident, is insanity.

A foregone conclusion? That it is smarter to quit, in that

context than keep hoping. The high cost of knowingly

yet repeatedly showing up where fixed rather than

growth mindset cultures abound & are cultivated

is what is holding so many back. For many, it is

an addiction not just to being disrespected,

but noise. Not problem solving but drama.

Robert Heinlein correctly observed, “In

the absence of clearly-defined goals”,

people become enslaved by habit-

forming daily trivia. Last winter,

we learned ways of Ninjutsu.

This Spring, we streamline

the hustle such that our

focus is on making a

splash where the

competition is



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