Breakthrough Ideas for November 2013

○ ○ ○About three or four years ago, Nick Usborne posed what I consider, to this day, to be perhaps

THE most powerful question for content creators and aggregators: “Is your web content good

enough to be curated?” I have since learned not only that gimmicky content doesn't scale &

have a good shelf life but crucially, your ideal customers come to you because you're the

only one they can get your kind of content (Smart Content) from. Smart Content has no

shelf life. Gimmicky, does. Smart Content travels well. That is to say, despite being

created for a certain niche (or elites of curiosity and substance), objectively,

it retains its edge, edutainment and/or usefulness wherever it is tucked. This

is why we call it Smart Content. Because it promises/offers tangible value;

It's in demand, passes the propriety test, it's professional; maybe slick.

But the important thing is that it scales, is marketable and its impact

and usefulness is readily verifiable on the world wide web which

is where curation comes in. Nick Usborne's original video may

not have gone viral but variations of his original, thought-

provoking question now flood any web search; That, is

impact. From the stuff on your blog wall to the stuff

you nonchalantly or purposely share on Facebook

or Twitter, smart people and organizations are

constantly on the prowl (not just,

Digg, etc.) for Smart Content. Content

as Oprah's best-kept secret reveals:

powered by an intention” often

to make genuine difference or

solve specific problems by

way o f Idea Diffusion.

Smart Content has no

time or real estate

for petty people

issues. And so,

Good Luck,



○ ○ ○The  Solution  Is  With  The   Visionaries(Follow the Dove)


○ ○ ○

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