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After privately answering the question for years, I am finally making the "What's your best advice for small business owners" answer readily accessible online. For those disinterested in costly failure or frustration downstream though, remember: Only consultation mitigates blind spots.

For example, advice about using automation and applicant tracking systems to speed up recruitment of top talent as a startup or small business may sound like good advice because it ranks high in google search results. But blindly take that route, and you'll find yourself whinging about talent crunch, talent crisis, and skills gap like everybody else.

On the contrary, prudent implementation of the advice shared here will include involving the author who will then help tailor solutions specific to your needs, and relative to your competition, market and how to go about differentiating your business. As well as prioritization/order of the list below.

Your holy grail and ultimate winning business strategy must be: Superior value that is next to impossible to duplicate, plus satisfied clients who genuinely want your business to continue to exist. That is, customers who accept your price hikes, given your (increasingly) solid brand reputation.

The goal is to drive long-term value while nailing Cash Flow/Spend Control and Customer Service, — not be outfoxed by customers at every turn. To achieve that balance, religiously study and hire competent professionals committed to building a culture around these 11 pillars:

The Ultimate Business Strategy

Studying Startup Failure, OFTENSuccessful Business Founder Advice   +☛   The Mixed Martial Arts of Selling (More Here)

A-Z of Customer Experience, Unbeatable Customer Service, Difficult Customers & More


Mastering The Psychology of Strategic Intensity so as to achieve Strategic Preeminence

Building A Threat Smart, Risk Mature Culture to Avoid Becoming A Hacker's Easy TargetOperational Excellence through High Collaboration, Relationship & Process Management IQVC Funding, Pitching & More  +☛  Leapfrogging/Dominating The Competition Like Tesla

Brain-Dead Hiring Practices To Ditch To Stay Several Steps Ahead in 2020 & BeyondE-commerce Business DOs & DON'Ts  +☛  28 Steps to Securing Your E-Commerce Website

Surviving the 10 Types of Business Partners — the most deceptively difficult (even more than cash flow) in many cases due to complexities in human nature as discussed here, here, here, and here, and particularly as it relates to #7 above — the 10 Situations You’ll Face as an Entrepreneur ▼ Video at bottom of blog ▼ as well as critically, the trickiest part, Selecting The Right Business Partner(s) matters:

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But equally important is maintaining a healthy ego, realizing that there's always something to learn, unlearn, or re-learn.

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