Your blessed Brethrens, and Sister-ens Take Courage God bless hear on earth as it is in heaven Miami-Dade County 305 Jesus is Lord 24/7 365 Brother "Radical" is rolling in early. Coming Soon: Radical Magazine-A Magazine for Teenagers & Radical 4 Jesus The Album... Donations:

P.O.Box 570326
Miami, FL 33257
Brother "Radical Now Has Oils: Jay Z, Paris Hilton (M) Viva La Juicy, Ed Hardy (W) $5 & $10 Bottles Contact: Brother "Radical" (786)752-1051

Hallelujah Holler Back
Shalom- I call Him G.O.D. and He loves us, He made the ultimate sacrifice to demonstrate that so that we can pass it on to our children & their children etc. Tell someone about Jesus today =o) Your blessed-God bless-Shalom

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