Send Me Mail art or art in the mail or a gift in the mail.

I might actually reciprocate and send something back in return. My po box is uncustomerily empty. Send me pennies for the starving artist fund or if you dare a quarter or a dollor. Yes i teach an advanced pan handling class here in Portland , Oregon but thats only because we have too many artists here. The address for amusing me in the mail is:

Lex Loeb

PO box 6522

Portland, Oregon

97228-6522 USA

"I am beggging you--Please" I live in a tree house because i can't afford to live anywhere else in Portland which is why i have such a larger PO Box. I tried to live in the PO box but the Post office objected. If you want to be really nice send lots of money and i will send you lots of art work and if you are really nasty I can send you bad karma in a box. If you don't like sending mail just send me postage. Did you know that pan handlers who ask for more tend to get more? By the way my life sucks and i am willing to trade places with you if yours does not suck as bad. Lets trade IDs ,espeically if you are a billionaire. My socical security number is 317-05-6569. Send me yours and information like your name and address and I will get a name change and you can become Lex LoeB. I need more excitement in my life. I will not trade IDs with anyone in the FBI witness protection program ever again. No thanks.


i post content online here: 





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Anatomical kaleidoscopy

Immagini tratte da uno studio di parti anatomiche, elaborate in maniera caleidoscopica. Risultato: non particolarmente esaltante...pur nella sua originalità.
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