RE: Where Have All The Patrons Gone?????

Aloha From Hilo, Hawaii,
I have completed an entire, “Art Show From The Lava Flow”, that consists of Hundreds Of Oil-Paintings created here in Hawaii that represent “Original Art”. Due To The Cost Of Living and The Price Of Materials, I Recycled, purchased online, yard sales, and gifts of partially used tubes from Friends, to create this Fantastic Collection. Before, The Recession, I sold 8 Images for $5,OOO each establishing My Value as an Emerging Growth Artist. I Need A Patron That will Establish A 1 Man Show in NYC that is The Largest 1 Man Show Ever. This Is A Fact. Who will Step Up To The Plate. A Patronage In Exchange For A Place In History. Let's Have Fun. I Have arranged an entire Concert Performance for The Opening and Other Dates During The Month Of This “Exhibit”. I Have Performed Worldwide and received Applause whenever I Played. I Want To Film This.
The Journey Was Hard and The Food, Beverage, Housing, and Transportation Excellent. The Colorful, Textured, Images Represent My Dialect of The First Written Language, Art on Cave Walls. The First Time-Binding Story Line Captured On A Flat Surface with Blood, Feces, Coal, Minerals, and Herbal Dye's. I Consider Myself A Descendant, but don't use the crap and blood; Although I Should, Just To Be Authentic.
The Cost will be around $5O,OOO and Can Be A Write-Off Because I Am
1OO% Disabled Veteran Living On A Pension from The V.A.
We Could Guarantee It Benefiting A Non-Profit That I Would Like To Start.
I Am Into New Idea's If You Care To Start Some Dialog.

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