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Think about a new journey that happens unexpectedly, as it unfolds moment to moment, setting a direction on its own; like a pilot less jet hurling faster than sound, to an unknown destination. No parachute or landing gear as far as you know, and no insurance card for the healing process if you make it out alive. It usually “happens” as I get detoured by relationships, and rejection, personal gratification, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. All of a sudden I am on the other side of the Planet as though I have been teleported without I.D. Credit cards, or any support systems like friends, associates, family or probation officers. They must have really been Crazy when they gave me my Passport. I am a metamorphosis’ or a Gypsy and an Artist. I need to find a group of people that I can impress with my ability to entertain, talk story, and trade goods and services for life supporting systems like food, shelter, drink and drugs proponents of the economy of the Homeless everywhere. Yes, I have always been Homeless. My living room is usually the most expansive view of the Stars and The Solar System. I like Ocean or river and creek sounds to give me a sleepy time atmosphere. I always find a bedroll and a dry and safe refuge for the night. If you forage food from your surroundings or share with other travelers, there is always something somewhere that is obtainable for trades. I’ve even added a boom to my economy by doing portrait expressions on bar napkins for a drink and a buck. After a few hours of drunken revelry I had enough money for a room and dinner. It works all around the world. You have to make the effort and in the middle of Public Criticism and View to become acceptable and part of the scene. Now, an application everyday of your designated talent in Public brings on that certain Countenance of who You Are….”THE ARTIST”. You will be approached by Collectors and Retailers with Ideas of making money, and that could drive you into another episode of “The New Journey”. So, after decades of discombobulated energy in the specific “World of Art” you have thousands of “Original” Images in the medium of Oil/Canvas with Hundreds in your possession that are in a Large Format Style, created on a Live Volcano while Homeless and living beneath the level of Poverty with no quitting in site even though “ART” is Not a choice ,where there isn’t money, even to eat in the Local Population. Now, living on a Live Volcano has its benefits that you can qualify for, with a simple application. SSD and SSI plus County Welfare and Food Stamps, Public Housing Vouchers subsidized by HUD and all the various Church organizations. I applied for everything at one time or another and could portray a positive role model for accomplishment of a Homeless, Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painter, Living with Social Rejection, Family Disownment, Government Persecution, Serial Killers, Hit men, Gangsters, and Jehovah Witnesses. If you are going to paint in public, take self-defense courses or get a gun permit. I’ve had a few hundred altercations in the Art World and am missing 240 Images because of total disregard for my ownership of images I created by Friends, Family, Lovers, Patrons, Galleries, Storage Units, and Just Plain Old Robbery, Theft by Collusion, and just Thrown in A Dumpster or Landfill out of Hate and Resentment because I would never, “Get A Job”. Now The Gov’t has taken my passport, because of a debt to The State of Wisconsin, of $40,000 with $40,000 Interest, Equals $80,000 I cannot Bankrupt nor get a bailout for. I cannot Pursue Happiness by Having Shows In Foreign Lands That I already Have Been Invited To. And Allow Me To Make Money To Repay That Debt. So Now I Live In A Resort Hotel In Hilo, Hawaii 20 feet from Reeds Bay Small Boat Harbor facing Those Large Cruise Ships Port of Call. I Have a Few Hundred Oils in My Possession and I Started A New School Of Art Called, “Pidgin X-Press” which Has A Degree Program That Issues A Certificate Of Completion For $20 After The Image Is Complete. One Of My Students Completed The Entire Coarse In A Record 30 minutes. I’ve had 240 applicants and 240 Graduates making my Coarse The Most Reliable Degree Program In The World. I am 62 Years On This Plane Of Relativity and Continue To Paint. My Whole Life Was A Recession, I Still Live Beneath The Poverty Level, But I Wouldn’t Trade Any Of It For Anything. Somehow I Survived Using Extreme Difference “For Doing It, My Way”.

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