It Really Pisses Me Off To Be Responsible, For A Revolution That Occurred, Never Admitted, Hush-Hushed, Forgotten and Despised By It's Founders.
Politicians, Junkies, Whores, and Thieves wearing the same wrist bands. Sleeping in the same crap. Voice the same resonant Lie, “Freedom For The People”. “If They Can Afford, It”! Is The Reality. I am an American Survivor trekking thru 54 Countries. Places that Loved and Cherished USA Gear, and Now afraid to Align with, “The Supreme Devil”, Darth Vader is American, and media hype of everyday American Crime, Killing, Gang Culture resonates along the coconut wireless as though America is Over, Done, and Finished. Over Millions of prisoners used for slave labor, in a profit making industry. Fires are fought, Farms are laborously attended, Highways and By-ways are cleaned, maintained, and built, by prisoners of Privatized Colonies, For detainment, that communities pay for as well. So if a firefighter is paid fifteen dollars hr., and gets paid for a few hundred hours work, The actual prisoner, doing the same labor, recieves fifty cents a day. Profitable arrangements, to secure a labor force, add to the Corruption, running rampant throughout those innovative systems of Slavery.
Cage fighting began in, “The Super Max”. Actual Betting in Las vegas, on the Outcome, televised to a private Group, of In-The-Know Crew of X-Inmates.
A few jail Work Release Programs, came under Federal Detection. Rumors arose of a Special Detail, using County Jails, Computers, and Vehicles for Delivery of Male and Female Prostitutes, that cost $5OO Dollars for 4 hours min
with the prostitute receiving 25%, or not. A Young man cofessed to hundreds of couplings with Guards, prisoners, social Workers that paid with a sore asshole, and bad memories, so the hundred dollars was like a ray of sunshine, from the usual fuck you very much. When You first arrive in prison you are like a cupcake tossed into a den of ravenous jackall's. If someone is going to eat you it might as well be, somebody handsome. Look in their eye's, and if there is a Glimmer of Hope, A Sparkle of Light, or A Sign From Above.......Choose Him and Love Him The Best You Can. AMEN

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