Re: Joyously Destitute and Crying Croccadille Tears..................

In this Wonderful Life I have Chosen To Perform as an Instructional Stimuli To Everyone That Views My Work. I Create Images, that represent a strong application of oil unto canvas, using unusual tools, to add textures, and represent color, and intention within, that manifest an Image. To be as a Child, but Masterful of this Fantastic Communication, that is Bound in Time, and Will Last Centuries "Oil/Canvas" is The Absolute Highest Level of Communication for an Artist. It is very expensive to begin a process, that doesn't dry easily or cure properly, without blemish from anyone who touches it. I used to drift off into Space, as I was painting, "Plein Aire" on Maui, so I know it wasn't fumes. That Space was like a Dream State, and I was fortunate to be able to have visited there, a few hundred times. Each canvas that is Large Format 3ft. X 4ft. Is a feat of accomplishment, and costly if all the materials are new and Store bought. This body of work I Have in Storage, includes a few hundred Oil/Canvas Images and a few thousand Digital Creations. I am not represented, and Have No Gallery.    Suggestions Anyone?

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Comment by Mercado on February 19, 2012 at 8:09pm

Yes Burn all of them except one, then you will have a very valuable art collection

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