I LIVE ON THE BIG ISLAND "HAWAII. A JOYOUS AND BOUNTIFUL NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU IS MY TRUE "WISH". I am going to attempt something this year that I never have before. Make Money.......         I never really cared and always seemed to thrive, but this reccession has taken the loose monies and made them disappear. I have been creating Canvases with "Original" Images out of limited supplies, recycled materials,on a below poverty budget for the last 11 years as of midnight of the 31st. Dec.2010.....I succeeded in creating 240 Large Format Images on A Pacific Island and have 180 in my possession. 60 were lost in transit on Hawaiian Air from Honolulu to L.A. and when no compensation was given I went to Court and Lost. The 3 Judges stated that, "Art Has No Value". with Security so Tight You would Think They Had A Picture. 60 3ft. x 4ft. Images need laborous help to move during transport.It took 2 of us to load it with 3 deliveries (in a one hour job) and they have hundreds of camera's in Honolulu and Los Angelas.....I Suspect the Usual Suspects In My Life Conspiracy Theory. I Cannot Identify Them. But, It Has To Be Them or A Magician Of Great Skill. I have No Education and I Feel Like "Drugs" Let Me Tap Into The Acachaic Records. Those Records Have All The Information Of All Time and Where All "The Genius's Of All Time" Used as A Referance Library. So, I am Planning My Departure From The Natives Hospitality. I Embark On My Journey Toward Financial Freedom On Jan. 1st 2011 at 1 minute past midnight. This Is A Major MalFunction From Self, Whom Is Just An Old "Hippy" "Yippie" "Weatherman" "American Deserter During The Vietnam War" L.S.D. Minister and Surviving member of THC Ministries That Has Just Been Busted For Marijauna Crimes????? Visit  and my site


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Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on December 27, 2010 at 12:12am
Flatulent Spirit Dildo's, that are capable of going 300 mph for NASCAR Fans. A Buck 2 and 80 for the solar rechargeable one's that are green from Gangrene.
Comment by Mercado on December 26, 2010 at 9:37pm
Try selling Dildos  , it a billion dollar industry.....


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