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You'll be told many things by social media experts and those caught up in or benefiting from the hype.

Among the most compelling, is that: “Quality content in this day and age is defined by success. Quality content is successful content.” But what is success, really?

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, “who has a private jet and an island” among many successes and achievements beyond most people's wildest dreams, recently cautioned: “I truly believe that 'stuff' really does not bring happiness.”

Much ado about stuff drives content creators to the brink: Burnout, depression, mental illness.Desperate for notoriety and virality, I've watched countless poseurs out for quick success and unearned influence come and go over the years. Often toxic, the same type that either refuse to (learn how to) engage or have a sense of entitlement. And yet, rooted in my process, the best-kept secret to my endurance or success is:

My work, which defies categories because I'm a man of diverse skills, interests, and humanitarian concerns, doesn't need external validation. Whatever is useful speaks for itself. And commercially, even in a noisy world, I believe the cream eventually rises to the top. So, ask yourself:

Is Larry Kim's definition of success YOUR definition?

Is his definition of fulfillment or contentment yours, — to parrot? After all, comparing what the crowded lot is doing to your need to succeed or be heard is easy, isn't? So what's MY definition?

Quality content is smart content that has great shelf life because its value is ever relevant.

Quality content is strategically, proactively, retroactively, tremendously and measurably useful.Like Nelson Makamo's work, quality content is about optimism. Even when scary or disturbing.

Quality content is often created by noticeably high quality people, with accessibility at its core.

Must we separate one's quality content or art from their origins, ethnicity, creed, affiliation, sexual orientation, or character flaws? Absolutely! Or else extremism and subjectivity clouds our judgment, and we fail to appreciate glaringly high quality content in all of its splendor.

Quality content also tends to be emotional labor that is more selfless, than it is self-centered.

Whatever their adversity — and one can feel the burden and relief of Makamo's journey in the feature video above — like Trevor Noah, creators of quality content, however long it takes, are often discovered while generously and tirelessly sharing their work with a toxic world hungry for positivity.

Quality content is super useful to the point of restoring hope, and even in the case of the depressed and economically distressed, saving lives. Perhaps even preventing one from committing suicide.Quality content saves lives, businesses, careers, brands, relationships, money and averts crises, elevating the awareness and risk intelligence and maturity of consumers of the content, solving their problems, pointing them in the right direction, or leaving them much happier.

If you aren't familiar with 'How To' content such the ones I create or the #iTHiNKLabs Weekly, chances are, you love crap content. Think blogs, vlogs, articles, videos, forums and social networking centered around gossip, pettiness, negativity; even entertainment for the sake of entertainment.

Feel-good or light content is often crap content.

Crap content is not boardroom worthy, nor worthy of serious customers; or the precious time of billionaires like Oprah Winfrey or renowned filmmaker Ava DuVernay below, and other influencers.Too many people today are all about being the first to put out or spread crap content.

Jay-Z or Tom Cruise jumping on a sofa, or a video clip of a break-dancing pig will certifiably get more engagement, impressions, and other "imaginary internet points" guaranteeing it ranks and trends higher.

Except, that doesn't qualify as quality content.

Quality content — not always, but — often comes from consummate professionals.These are the people who create meticulously crafted, ever-improving content, before they consume. And no matter how university popular they are, their content always quietly screams: Attention to detail.

I've been approached by trolls with no content let alone quality content, who knowing nothing about technology, creativity, innovation, UI, UX, etc. wanted to tell me how to blog, use hashtags, etc.

Similarly, many so-called "social media experts" don't even know what, and how expansive the definition of a blog is, or can be. Never be swayed by the limited imagination of people, if you know what you're doing.A healthy ego is important for career success, and in all human relations. But remember what George R. R. Martin said: “Art is not a democracy.”

Successful transition from art to entrepreneurship can be tricky. And understandably, an artist make earn his/her living. But remember: Quality content can suffer just as the 'Game of Thrones' season finale did, if mismanaged for the sake of profit.  

Quality content has nothing to do metrics, profitability, trends, how many likes, retweets, views, comments, or popularity of the OP, or content creator. All can be faked. Even ideally, we want authentic quality content to open success doors for us. This is where having mentors like me helps.One of the biggest logical fallacies regarding quality content is the assumption that metrics and analytics alone can tell us the reach and impact — in absolute and accurate terms — of any post.

They can't.

They never have. And smart, honest marketers know that, despite it not being in their career interests to openly concede.

More authentic engagement often happens offline than online, and as a content creator, you're always reminded of that as people come forward or approach you paying homage to past work you personally forgot, and they detail how it personally impacted them. Or simply, to discreetly seek help.Virality is both overrated and not necessarily quality for all the reasons already cited above.

One doesn't just wake up and magically start creating quality content.

Work ethic is paramount. Intellectual curiosity is fundamental. And in fact is one of the greatest secret ingredients.

Ever seen one of those “top ideas for a great [fill-in-the-blank] post”? Steer clear of them.Seth Godin says he writes like he speaks. My blog ideas are organically and even spiritually generated. Except for #iTHiNKLabs Weekly, I never know when I'll blog. My research projects, Open-Minded Community, multiple business and consulting projects, as well as intellectual curiosity, perspicacity, and purpose-driven lifestyle means at any given time, I have millions of competing quality content ideas. And no time.

Still, I manage to create quality edutainment, which is an important trait of quality content creators.

The final hyperlinked image below will take you to quality content I quite like: “The 10 Essential Rules for High-Quality Content Creation.” Enjoy it, as well as the bonus, and music.

For success secrets, consultation or mentorship, contact or follow me here.

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