Putin's De Facto Annexation of the USA

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When you live in the United States full time, you normalize the abnormal. I don't. I'll be blunt. The United States needs a new constitution and new breed of leaders, if it is to survive the 21st-Century.

What breed of leaders, you ask?

Ruthlessly pragmatic, ethical leadership with spine, —that isn't Russia-owned nor dogmatically cowers to strongman cults and dictatorships. To be clear, President Obama's weak leadership and negligence vis-à-vis competently reading the digital threatscape and decisively executing cyber deterrence is one reason for the status quo. Just as his omissions enabled the ascendancy of a treasonous Presidency — the consequence of an adversary's full spectrum warfare — and de facto annexation that America's ratings-crazed myopic on-to-the-next-one journalism is yet to appreciate and adequately address.

In failing to use the full weight of his presidency to bolster U.S. national security, President Obama merely manifested decades-old dogmatic, overzealous fear of belligerent nuclear-armed strongman dictatorships, hence need for new breed. Regimes that rarely extend the U.S. that courtesy as they wage and get away with cyber attacks and hybrid warfare against the West. So although Kim Jong-Un has offered to halt nuclear and missile tests, committed to denuclearization, and invited President Trump to a meeting in May 2018 while accepting pending U.S.-South Korea military drills, the Russian threat complicates my desire for U.S. leadership disentanglement from dogmatic strangleholds.Strategic decisiveness (click above) doesn't exist only in corporate boardrooms. Putin: “Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies, any kind of attack, will be regarded as a nuclear attack against Russia and in response we will take action instantaneously no matter what the consequences are...”

Empty threat or not, narcissist, corrupt, conniving criminal overlord or not, from Syria's decimation to European paranoia about his next move, Putin's decisive strategic and frankly, criminal “successes” — most notably, destabilizing the strategically naive, distracted and disunited USA — means he can correctly brag about having “no disappointment at all” with his older protégé, Donald Trump.

How does Putin's high tech war thrive on 1/4 GDP per capita that of advanced European nations?You might start with Fox News, an organization which wouldn't exist in China in the face of foreign threat like the one America faces. The GOP. And the fringe far right. But ultimately, in the new security world order, every strategic and security-minded republic needs good hackers and cyber criminals, which Russia enjoys a surplus of. Of course, having morally bankrupt strongmen muting, arresting and assassinating political opponents while sheltering cyber criminals and “useful” American fugitives sure is a hacker's delight. But notice how I blend questionable pragmatism and ethics.

The last American dogma and U.S. national security threat I addressed was polarizing gun politics, the 2nd Amendment and America's Gun Fetish. Portions of which have been purposely left intact below.

However, as former KGB agent Jack Barsky put it in the BBC feature above, and I paraphrase: A nation can only focus on one thing well at a time. And as long as Americans are busy shooting arrows at each other, adversaries like Putin are content to exploit their foolishness. After all, it's the United States' Constitution and adversarial political and legal culture that isn't well-configured to effectively fend off 21st-Century full-spectrum information, cyber, psychological and hybrid warfare as China's is.It's easy to get caught up in semantics and differences when the big picture is one word: Disruption. Which is why I side with Techopedia's definition of Information Warfare. America is in big trouble because it's about to be rocked with seismic disruption the likes of which technology never enabled. And certainly beyond the pay grade of the myopic, politically agnostic American.The same social media and useless Apps and tech-addicted American who was duped into voting for Donald Trump — Vladimir Putin's stooge — protest voting or not voting at all due to among other things Russian socially engineered disgust for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Election. Same American MIT's grim Fake News Study finds is woefully incapable of distinguishing real news from fake news.

Yet in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum-many-things, digital impersonation and hyper-realistic Deep Fakes by State-enabled digital illegals, any nation politically ill-configured for national strategic focus, stability, unity, decisive decision-making and even constitutionally mandated information (and media) security is ripe for malicious disruption.

There's a reason while Americans are drunk with self-destructive inertia of “a well-regulated militia” (see below), China maintains a tight, agile, 21st-Century Cyber Militia readiness not stuck in 1791. From citizens to businesses. Ask very honest Chinese who have interviewed for a job at Huawei. Americans may think Putin's Annexation of Crimea was a small European or NATO problem that doesn't concern them; that talk of “Russian meddling” is only about the 45th President. Except, Crimea was just a test run. The Trump Administration will be viewed by historians as Putin's Russian Annexation of the DIS-United States of America.

First blame American voter stupidity. Then the collective low strategic IQ of U.S. political leadership.

As China's Xi Jinping consolidates power in a manner unseen since Chairman Mao and Putin wins his next fake election having just threatened the U.S. with hypersonic nuclear-powered cruise missiles Americans have to decide how comfortable they are with their relegation via spectrum theater strongman dictatorship-sponsored cyber warfare, election sabotage, dogmatic partisan self-sabotage, and stupid laws based on dogma. Like the one in Kennesaw, Georgia saying: “Every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm.”

FBI tipster warned. And like a biblical 40 days later story, Nikolas Cruz struck as the FBI, distracted and under siege by an exhausting, fake and treasonous President, admitted to botching the tip.

Like the tipster, I foresee threats, and warn. And that's problem sensitivity, in a nutshell.

You name a tragedy or crisis that gripped a nation, and I almost guarantee you there's a blog for it. Or somewhere perhaps, proprietary publication or warning with my name on, or meeting about it. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, it's a lonely sport. But that's my calling. Now let's talk solutions.Smart, focused and well-governed nations attack problems at the source. The United States, with its social media addicted, politically distracted and apathetic voters currently lacks such competence and discipline. Worse, dogmatic, partisan, and anarchic leadership has been normalized by the GOP.

Lost in American journalism and coverage of mass shootings like Parkland is the fact that America lacks decisive leadership on gun violence, which in polarizing Americans, has the long-term strategic effect of also weakening national security. America has been the most dangerously distracted “developed” nation I've studied. Effectively stuck on stupid, because of big guns and big egos. And whether you're studying the original 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack, September 11, or mass shootings and lack of political action, you start seeing a pattern.

For years, it got away with it. Except in the age of jingoism-driven Cyber Warfare and the rise of China, Russia, North Korea, America's luck has run out. When you sit abroad as I do, and watch the foolishness and hashtags glorifying gun ownership and gun violence while the media wakes up to ratings-driven conversation about gun violence, you don't get the sense that this is a nation that understands that it really is under attack. Which is why I'm about to make you uncomfortable.The Second Amendment Doesn't Deserve Respect

Unlike Sam Zeif in the feature video above, I have little to no respect for the 2nd Amendment.

It's a time-waster, and directly responsible for American domestic terrorism. Past, present and future.

The way I see it, these United States will — FINALLY — be great ONLY WHEN all that empty gun control talk cedes to the grown-up Australian solution Zeif cites (above). Many of the student activists have amassed huge Social Media following since the massacre despite the likes of Cameron Kasky proudly declaring ownership of “lots of guns” on Bill Maher's show. And yet huge Social Media following hasn't managed to save lives and stop America's perennial gun terrorism problem. Has it?

I call it a time-waster because even less developed nations don't have time to wake up to heated gun rights debates, let alone career-defining legislative and media showdowns. Typically:Right? Not so in America because one Party in particular has hijacked the diagnosis. Which is why until Americans stop tiptoeing around the 2nd Amendment there WILL BE MORE m mass shootings.

The more evolved and efficient a society is, the quicker it accurately diagnoses its problems, address them and move to focus on more important challenges.

That's the story of China, where I lived long enough — over a decade — to marvel how people wake up to issues of business success and career survival rather than concerns about gun violence. Meanwhile in Australia, where 57,000 guns were just turned in as part of its successful national gun amnesty program, set up after the nation's worse mass shooting incident, over two decades ago. The U.S.?Not so in the U.S. where from the outside alone, the entire debate clearly is stuck on stupid.

I choose to approach it from this angle because lost in the U.S. coverage critically, is how a superpower that lacks political decisiveness, national unity, discipline, collective strategic acumen and efficiency plus institutions devoted to maintaining social stability as seen in developed economies like Switzerland right down to fast-developing ones like China — is only writing its own obituary.

For one thing, no one calls you “liberal” in police states like China for realizing how utterly self-destructive, socializing destabilizing and therefore silly it is have an otherwise functioning society awash with guns. And not just hand guns, but military grade guns. All in the name of freedom?

Further, the 2nd Amendment is, politically, catastrophically polarizing. And nobody reminds Americans of the national security costs of being blown around by one shooting incident or  debate to another.

Indeed those of us who don't even have time to eat, or like friends around the world with pressing priorities and responsibilities, one wonders how one even makes the time to go online and vociferously defend a piece of legislation other nations only use to highlight American stupidity.It is unbecoming of a truly developed nation. And the fact popular NRA advocate Dana Loesch was clearly out of her depth when asked by Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Diane Wolk-Rogers to define “a well-regulated militia” is proof (video here). Then again, who cares what I think.The NRA is a Terrorist Organization That Exploits a Vestige of Slavery in America

Click the image above to learn more. But rooted in the preservation of slavery in America, the 2nd Amendment is as outdated as the U.S. Constitution itself. And only exists at the pleasure of insecure, ignorant though well-organized Americans duped by the notion of guns as rights or recreational tools.

Painful to hear but 2nd Amendment defenders stuck on stupid should get a passport and travel OFTEN. I've lived in countries where people don't have time for civilian guns as rights. In China, they understand life is short. They have priorities. They're disciplined. Pragmatic, as everybody knows. They hate distraction and sideshows. You don't hear dopey labels like liberal. If it's dumb it's dumb. And weapons that kill, maim and impoverish have no place in their functioning “stable” society.All a sensible and conscientious person needs to is look at the convicted felons it attracts, what it defends; how much domestic security it seeks to legally block. Not just in schools. How is it not a terrorist organization like Boko Haram, ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and all the rest?

NRA defenders might as well join ISIS. Let's see how it works out for them.

Is it any wonder like most terrorist mass shooters, its fiercest advocates are often linked to white supremacists and the fringe far-right? Same ones telling you the 2nd Amendment is untouchable.Gun Control is for Sissies. Rescind the 2nd Amendment & Regain National Focus.

There's ONLY ONE Gun Control. And it is the SENSE to rescind the 2nd Amendment immediately.

That, or accept gun terrorism as an American way of life. Just don't call yourself a “great” or “developed” nation because lost in all the insular coverage is the fact that South Africa and Zimbabwe just constitutionally axed two corrupt leaders. And for better or worse, China’s Communist Party is about to change the constitution to rid it of term limits so as to allow President Xi Jinping to serve indefinitely.

That's just 3 countries, in the last six months alone. So don't tell me about lack of political will.Whether you're are afraid to offend others, lose political elections or a job, walking on eggshells on an issue as jugular helps nobody. Bottom line, pragmatists attack problems at the the source. And that's the untold story of China's rise, and continued seeming ability to defy political gravity.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum when you hear about intelligence agencies dropping the ball (click lead image at the of article), whether at the FBI, CIA or by State law enforcement, what really gets lost in the coverage is how the weight of this problematic Amendment alone distracts a superpower like the U.S., already on the back foot in a new security world order.

A new security world order where better managed nations with decisive leadership have the edge, And Americans, waking up to NRA-GOP nonsense, hashtags and drama sadly just don't get it.The NRA is as morally bankrupt as China's Communist Party. The difference being that American voters — who unlike Mainland Chinese CAN vote — keep opting in for a culture of irresponsibility, sanctioned by an outdated constitution.

More specifically, when Americans don't vote, don't travel and therefore lack perspective; protest vote, watch Fox News, indulge in drugs, trashy TV and social media addiction all while voting in inept, treasonous, pro-gun con artists-turned presidents, or impotent, unethical partisan national security threats mislabeled as leaders from, you get precisely the kind of national distraction and political dysfunction inconducive to making constitutional amendments as the one the government United States currently has.

From Mitch McConnell who just opted to skip the gun debate following the Florida Massacre of high school students, to Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. All in the pockets of the NRA. These aren't genuine leaders but adversaries of the United States, supported by voters too irresponsible to eject them. The evil NRA perpetuates U.S. terrorism. And a “developed” nation that refuses to rescind and author a new and better Constitution that adequately addresses current threats is like Ferrari's F1 Team insisting on winning in 2018 with 1960s era engines. As Qasim Rashid eloquently put it on Twitter:

“Imagine if you had to write a comprehensive but unchangeable law to regulate all future weapons invented through the year 2245.

That's how ridiculously stupid it is to believe a law written in 1791 cannot be changed to account for technology in 2018.”

I won't even bother addressing the stupidity of a sitting President and his Party proposing arming teachers with guns when armed cops are so numbed by gun culture they arrive on the scene of a mass shooting only to wait out the mayhem. Nor new developments since the Shooting.

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