Open call for artists to start a drawn ‘relay travelogue'

Play the Panorama is an endless traveling panorama drawing.
This is an open call for artists all over the world to begin a ‘relay travelogue’.

Participants who use this special panorama drawing instrument continue to draw a moving landscape. Artists are called upon to contribute their interpretation of the world that surrounds them. When the artist completes his/her drawing, the instrument and the panorama must be passed to a next participant who is geographically nearby and whose work is somehow artistically related to that of the previous participant. This next person will continue the former drawing, blending the new landscape into one continuous panorama.

Five special panorama drawing instruments will be given to five artists. The artists will be selected based on their:
-Unique artistic perspective on this project
-Interesting geographic or cultural position
-Personal motivation

There is no grant or award to be given away. This is a game played not for winning but for the enjoyment of continuing the play. Depending on the quality and the length of the different travelogues a book publication and several exhibitions are realistic. On the website an up to date presentation of the developing panoramas will be shown.

Play the Panorama
is about sharing a constantly traveling and infinitely expanding horizon. To develop an astonishing story we cannot finish.

Click here to learn more about participating.

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