Online shop for my project, GRAND WAZOO - Now OPEN!

Come and visit the Fantastic World Of Grand Wazoo. Here you can indulge in
some of the finest products to exist! Grand Wazoo is still a growing
entity providing original Silk screened T-Shirts, original collage art,
and hand made books.

Grand Wazoo will continue to evolve providing you with even more
wondrous things that will eventually help to make your life close to
perfect. Yes this is guaranteed, don't just take my word for it!

"After buying the HUMANS! T-Shirt from the Grand Wazoo I was finally
granted an appeal and I'll be back out on the streets within the year!"
- Charles Manson

"I bought my wife a hand made Elvis Journal and for that she told me all is forgiven!" - Tiger Woods

"I lost my job as a X-Ray Technician, my wife left me for a dyslexic
high school gym teacher, my kids think im a total douche bag... what
did i do? I spent the last of my coins on an original collage art print
made made by Morgan Jesse Lappin. Shortly after i got a new job
flipping burgers at Arby's, I married my daughters best friend, and all
my friends think I'm the shit! THANK YOU GRAND WAZOO!" - Tommy

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