Nocturne [art by Michael Cheval] [poem by S David]

Nocturne 5
[by S. David] [art by Michael Cheval]

And Fate is a joker
A teller of tales
A singer of songs
One in Three
Three in One
Which of the Sisters
Do you give
The name
Depends on what
You believe and
What you know
The Three sisters
Or the One
Or Name Her
A Name
A title
A concept
But always
A ’She’
A puppeteer
If you will
What do we
What does she
Know of ‘Free Will’
Lift your glass
Raise a toast
All dance to
The Piper’s tune
And strings that
Lead us our lives
To that dance and
And perhaps romance

35§ [Orig 2/20/07] AND

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Comment by Miguel Conesa Osuna on May 26, 2009 at 12:34pm
It is a very refreshing and down to earth poem...


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