I remember my youth in the “French Quarter” playing, creating, hustling, moving fast all around the town to experience the music and dance the night away. The supply center for “Art” was Jackson Square and its adjoining Café’s and Bar’s with my favorite one being, “The Alpine La’ Boheme” run like a European Artist Retreat and Support System. Taking care of the characters that frequented the establishment. You could always find what your looking for at this friendly place that always had an aroma of marijuana on the patio, and loads of people laughing and playing music, as they drank booze from the break of day, until midnight. Then “Johnny White’s” was the late night hangout. “Tipitina’s” was all the way uptown, but the Live Music was always Top Shelf. I loved the Character of the Architecture of The Quarters and its Old World Charm with Horse and Carriage’s still in use to this day. A Walk down Bourbon Street at Night was always like a Human Carnival where The Rides were each other, in every conceivable position, in every available space. A Non-stop Orgy of Human Decadence, that could be a young persons transformation into

Hedonism as a Lifestyle. Prostitution a daily reminder of ways to make money, to pay for the drugs to keep you going, making money, and on and on. I thought beyond labels, and acquired friends and lovers, all over the City for decades of “Art” as the Binding Cord of Our Lives. I chose to become more Creative every day, and develop my own style of “Creationism”. My prayers go out to all those, “Old Friends” whom were consumed by The Streets of New Orleans, and Never Had a Chance to Escape from, “The House of The Rising Sun”.

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