Need a grant writer, or business writer or marketing writer??

A writer?? For their small biz or for grants or something???

Here's my craigslist ad.. Please let me know..

Ever wonder how multi-million dollar ad campaigns get sold?

People like me write them! I’m an experienced Brand Marketing and Business Development manager with over 10 (and still counting) years of successful brand marketing and sponsorship research and proposal development. I can put my years of experience writing successful marketing program proposals for companies like BlackBerry and Kellogg’s to use for you and your organization! I’ve recently written and sold an over $3 million dollar advertising campaign to an all natural food manufacturer!
Most grant writers charge upwards of $60-75/hour while others charge a commission of over 20% of the grant.. Work with me and get Fortune 500 writing at not-for-profit prices!

I specialize in:
Grant Writing
Writing Marketing Materials
Advertising and Promotional Copy Writing
Marketing Plan Writing
Business Plan Writing
Sponsorship Proposal Writing
Sponsorship Identification and Benefit Negotiation
Market Research
And more!!!!!

References and writing samples available upon request.

Email me to discuss your needs.

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