Marcel Flisiuk was born on November 15, 1976 - Gdynia a nondescript port on the Baltic accidentally was the place, however lively, medieval Gdansk had been the backdrop of the first five years
of his life.Beside "remembering things" from the early period,continual
cultural influence of the family warranted him elements of so called
"Slavic soul" which is both moody and sensual a resolve about the fate.

Early on Marcel showed passion for creating pictures, to find through them a formula to communicate and, yes,to to change the world. His
mother Teresa Flisiuk, an accomplished writer, cultivated by means of
guidance in the matters of life in general, by widening his sight, and
pointing to fog and blur
of a day to day
existence which seems to purposely obscure for us the most pivotal
things.The mother took also special care to stay away from influence on
the process of painting itself, to let his talent develop freely,
unmarred by any sort of formal education.
to her relentless efforts, Marcel owns a style of his own - readily
recognizable and inimitable as well as literary merit of his images and
their titles.

Marcel sold his first painting at the age of ten in New Orleans.There he made friends with musicians, local power wielders, aroused envy in craft
painters littering Jackson Square, designed posters, postcards, compact
disc covers, painted murals and one refrigerator door on commission to
be precise, several galleries started to carry his paintings and off
around the world they went to places like Jerusalem, Paris and
Nagasaki.Separate shows of his work were presented in Chicago and
Atlanta. Several collectors keep large numbers of his work and are
extremely passionate about his art.

New Orleans, the most "European" from American cities, place where things are played out more drastically and vivdly is where he lives now with his two cats Gramma
and Mamaroneck*.

Maine, though, is the place Marcel loves, from dizzying complexity of the shore to majestic lapidary on the plateau near Katahidin summit
invoking for him, like no other place, - the Presence of the Creator.

Michal Flisiuk 2000


* I do not reside in New Orleans any longer.But to honor

My father i did not want to change anything on this bio

that he had written for me many years ago.

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