Night and the moonless Sun


Clouds shaped as Ice


A Form of less  of much more\


A desert of milk weed


Frost made from sweet beads


There a place of no voice


A vain silence granulated hopeless  dreams

This is a place where Artist are born


Vain and lame


After                 Fame

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Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on January 8, 2012 at 2:00pm

San Francisco's Castro Street Culture Transformed Me In So Many Ways, from The Strong Italian Immigrant Neighborhood background I Grew Up In; into The Radical Hub Of Deviant Behavior, Developing Into A Lifestyle Called “Gay”, but Not.

It was all Lies and Deception, drugs, sexual perversion, Sadism, and Masochism meeting Nightly. The Drug “Angel Dust” was more than a drug, it was a cult activity stimuli, making users have outrageous hallucinations, that were group experiences, usually involving Sex and Drama. Life is a Movie in Slooooooow Motioooon, on cigarettes dipped in the magical potion. In The seventies I belonged to the group, “ANGELS OF LIGHT”. A Group of MAD Artists, Musicians, Drama Queens in Drag, and Anti-War Protesters that partied every night and Protested The Vietnam War with Street Theater Plays, performed in local recreation parks, pavilions, and in public, on the street downtown. Market Street, where the streetcar meets the end of the line, and in China Town, where a Tong War was taking lives, in restaurants like, “The Golden Dragon”, serving lunch, with your average generic machine gun bullets, and a fortune cookie, that should have been served first, to the victim's, giving them a chance they never had. Patty Hearst was in town robbing Banks and getting fucked by a Terrorist cell in a closet until she liked it. The Hippies were still selling LSD in Golden Gate Park, and Grateful Dead Block parties that created the best distribution drug ring ever known to man. LSD that was created at Stanford University, By Marie Ossley, Stanley Augustus Ossley's Wife created the micro dot, “Orange Sunshine”. After the seventies LSD took on many different looks as it was available in pill, blotter, liquid, and capsule form with Good Acid that invited “GOD” Realization and BAD LSD that Corrupted and Disrupted the neural circuits of the brain and made Heroin the drug that would bring you down or straighten you up from an LSD overdose. I was under the influence of LSD for decades and used it to supplement my income. A dose everywhere cost $5 and I could get a gram for a thousand dollars which translates into 25 cents a hit. Well, you do the math. I purchased over ten thousand grams during the seventies and eighties according to my connection who kept track of my purchases. When I was traveling in Scandinavia, and Europe, I sold ten thousand hits at a time for ten thousand dollars, paying twenty-five hundred when I received the Bible. Yes, I always used a Holy Book.

Germany, especially Frankfurt became the central hub for distribution. I rented a storefront on Bockenhimer Landstrassa #66 near the Opera House and local Jazz Clubs. San Francisco Rock and Roll Albums became My vehicle for shipping Hashish back to California. Ship it to Lake Tahoe where I had a partner and Stash House. I found 2 record presses to make albums and replaced the plastic with hashish, labeled them, put them in covers from old albums, sealed them in plastic and used that method for twenty years, until the Fed's figured it out. The Police are Corrupt everywhere, it makes a difference of What Color and Nationality a person is, to receive Just-Us. If You Had A Good Lye-er you were Home Free. The “Black Panthers”, Were Hunted By Every Agency and The World Was Coming To An End, with The Arrival Of Jesus. That was forty years ago, and this is just one story of Drug Induced behavior, that was BAD, REAL BAD.

We were putting an Art Gallery together, for My friend, Daniel Scandal, aka Robeski and His brother Bernard Robeski, originally from Milwaukee, Wiscon

Comment by Mercado on January 7, 2012 at 11:28pm

actually you don't, what you have is a mutilated original that carelessly cut up

I took your original and wiped a horses ass with it I think its worth much more now but the horsey does not want to give it up, he says its good for his regularity

What ever that means---

Healthiest, Wealthiest, and Wisdom Infused New Year To You ,,,,,to

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on January 3, 2012 at 4:31pm

Aloha Mercado and the Healthiest, Wealthiest, and Wisdom Infused New Year To You. My Favorite Everything Is Creation Of All Relevant Material To My Profession, "ART".  I already have a dozen "Originals" that you created with crayon on paper. Are You In Any Gallery? That 1 oil/canvas Image of The West Maui Mountains has a Value of a few thousand here in Hawaii.

Comment by Mercado on December 31, 2011 at 2:46pm

Happy new year Mr Taylor

Comment by Mercado on December 31, 2011 at 2:45pm

if you are right then start collecting my art, soon you 'll be able to pay your debts and have enough for yur favorite hobby-----  Stripers

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on December 29, 2011 at 7:19pm

Art investment

Recent years showed an increase in the number of business and academic publication that observe art from a market-financial perspective.

Record transactions achieved in auctions, continued market growth along with new market evolvements contributed to the rise in the interest of art as an investment asset.

The past decade showed tremendous increase in market transparency in the form of accessible online price databases as well as various statistical data tools becoming available for the general public in the form of periodical market reports and various indexes specifically developed for the art market.

Art investment has become part of corporate business strategy as well as individual collectors.


Soaring record sales, high profile art fairs, increase of market transparency along with the tremendous amount of money involved in the art field worldwide, attract more and more attention to the economic aspect of art specially the feasibility of art being a measurable investment asset.

Currently there is no single answer as to whether art’s correlation with other financial assets exits and whether it makes a good diversification tool in investment portfolios. .

While there is a clear appreciation in value for leading artists, and well thought off purchases have shown a positive rate in return, it is difficult to make a clear case for the overall art market or for specific segments only.


Investing in art can be realized as a profitable alternative, but it can also be extremely risky.

The art world has some inherited characteristics that should be taken into consideration when purchasing art for investment; the art market is illiquid, unregulated, opaque and high transaction costs can wipe out any profits.

Money invested in art is at the mercy of changing public taste and trends that can artificially inflate prices as well as handful gate keepers who control prices, supply and demand.

Despite recent augmented interest in art investment, the soaring record sales and obvious market growth, public’s decisions regarding art, still lack financial tools and methodology to estimate the rentability of the investment.


A carefully planned art portfolio with hand picked items can retain value over time and even yield healthy returns to its owner.

With knowledge, research, practice and discernment, it is possible to mitigate the inherited obscurity and reduce the risk involved in this investment.

The high end of the market is immune to public impuls and short-lived trends.

The art market has its blue-chip and well established artists that will always find stable market demand though the entry point is higher.

The clear advantage of investing in carefully planned collection is that it survives economic downturn.


Investing in art is a long term process. Buying art with a hope for a quick profit will most likely cause loss of money. One should love the art they buy especially if they intend to present it. One should enjoy the process of researching an artist and study their art work well.

Extensive research should be made prior to investing financially in an art piece.. One should research the artist’s main markets, history in terms of performance, demand and popularity, and finally the desired art piece itself.

It is essential to dig deep in order to understand the artist’s history, how they progressed over the years and preformed financially in their main markets over the years.

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on December 24, 2011 at 3:33pm

Are You Disabled? Is Your perspective clouded by drug abuse? I will accept your apology when you Realize I am an "ART LEGEND" amongst Pacific Islanders, with over two thousand Oil-Paintings in my Lifetime, making Me an Immortal. I have a tax debt of eighty thousand, they are holding my passport hostage and have threatened to take my drivers liscense away unless I pay three hundred monthly off the debt. I had 4 wives and 5 kids and We are having a Very Merry Holiday. I Live In paradise and will spend today at the pool.

Comment by Mercado on December 23, 2011 at 11:20am

As I mentioned I will never tell you the truth about your reality sir

No matter how great you think you are

Always remember I never mean any Disrespect  no matter how much drool comes out of your mouth

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on December 22, 2011 at 3:16pm

Alas, The Disrespect You Give You Will Receive Ten Fold. You already drool in your decrepit surroundings wearing your Grandma's clothes as you soil yourself daily from your terrible impoverished diet of rat droppings and pus. Do The honorable thing and drown yourself in self pity, eat the poison, and masturbate thinking of My fame and Fortune. 

Comment by Mercado on December 22, 2011 at 11:24am

I think you are in need of a nursing Home............



I will visit you and wipe your drool and listen to your mumbeling theories about how great you are.


I promise I will never tell you about your reality while you sit and rot in you wheel chair.


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