Distilled Trurth

What faith or
defender shall
arise upon feelings of devotion?

What tears
or songs will cast meaning to distilled truth?

When a secrete is born in dignity and
challenged by corrupt heroes

Shall I confess to the minds
of faith? Or
should I confess to my self?

Grievously endangering
the balance that lurks
behind the songs

I have no meaning
to transfer or depict offspring’s of gods nor do
I have laid
A foundation of crimes,
pictorial arts of the faith.

There is none here to be found, an eighth
of a century or a moment on the surface of water

I say to thee I have none!

When singing the psalms remember
a scheme, composed
without caution

Used most enduring
for a bribe to service you with chains
that have no chants or
Towards your pain

Would I survive?
I dare not say.

The word is fear.

Fear not to Love

Fear not to hate

Shall I gather my own home
and make war against those
enduring achievements imposed by uniformity?

Or should I borrow
or adapt the divine

With out words I must
confess without admitting my lack of simplicity

I find my self in contempt
to understand the architecture of the Lie

Rest avoids me
and its radiance spits horrible

I am short in statue to the songs of the faithful

But shall not summit!

I will reveal the Father!

Force the lights to lead
inward towards the scheme of shame he has caused.

A pact he has maid
that must dearly be played with
wounds of slaves

I must create a room
a paradox of a mind with dramatic cues

That will bring a transparent view to the most high

He must burry me
and lift the truth
carefully before I awake

This I suspect will be done so
so I may be kept from remembering

A room showing my strength,
my divinity,the equality to the most high.

I have no taste for resurrections nor for death

I seek to own my origins
with out complexities

I will have none of that water diluted with
the blood of ignorance

Nor should I attack the ignorant

Sugar mixed with salt!

I shall say!

when they
have caught me in their disgrace

Divinity will laugh in hopes to induce shame
to buckle my knees and
feel its ground

My skeleton shall fight till fear burns through
and find itself extinguished by the marrow of my

Truth shall be revealed that

When the gods created

when men discovered its strength

The gods revealed their weakness.

On that day the Gods trembled not with fear but with hope

That As men left it’s cave he would return.

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