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5 Powerful Things To Focus On Instead


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In the Part 1, we discussed the need for a core purpose for living without which the affluent or “successful” can have all the yachts, superyachts, private jets, supercars, real estate properties and powerful connections with offshore investment accounts, and yet feel lost and unfulfilled.

Bill Gates' father Bill Gates, Sr. calls its opposite Showing Up For Life. Because many live, but never “show up for life.” Often due to bad choices and absence of a core life purpose.

When my mother recently suffered a heart attack while running an errand for me, one of the ways I dealt with it while she recovered was revisit and rewrite my Mission Statement for Life: My core life purpose so as to stay IN SHAPE inside out and remain uncompromised.

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To stay uncompromised by consistently living a life of service as an accountable servant and student of God and humanity, persistently at work in the furtherance of Human Development day to day.

To stay uncompromised as an accountable brother, son, father, husband, uncle, family man, authentic friend, business partner/professional, educator; global citizen.

To stay uncompromised as a champion of Peace, Moral Courage, Authenticity, True Happiness (that inspires, heals and transforms instead of seeking to tear down, bear false witness or divide people), and Excellence worthy of emulation. In short, to be a useful soul and fully evolved Human Being who is not double-faced. As at work, so at home.

To stay uncompromised as a problem solver, builder, innovator and exemplary leader who leaves every thing or place better than he found it, rather than fomenting trouble, being a troublemaker, saboteur, poseur or sadist, be inspired by, and constantly opt for the company of those with a growth mindset. And shun stinkin' thinkin' and fixed mindsets.

To stay uncompromised yet open-minded and inclusive, purpose-driven and humorous in collaborating with others to leave an indelible mark of good, whatever the context. Till death.

A core purpose for living and staying grounded will keep you resilient in moments of confusion, turmoil and self-doubt because while it is easy to look good on the outside or make money, it's much harder to stay grounded.

And what the above Mission Statement for Life has done for me thus far is to keep my joie de vivre or joy and optimism for life intact, —in the bleakest hours and times. And mind you: There's a difference between being funny based on a performance mindset” and actually being happy and at peace within. Listen to what a fellow comedian said about Robin Williams in this other blog if you don't know.

Mental illness (including depression and suicidal thoughts) is an unfortunate problem. And not even Matthew Warren, Rick Warren's own son was spared. But the practicing Judeo-Christian understands that the question of Why Bad Things Happen To Good People is not about some oversimplified answer regarding some absent or “false god.”

It is much more complicated, mystical, beyond human reason, and definitely beyond the realm of science. Or else, science and scientists with infinite knowledge would have the cure for absolutely every human ailment or disease as well as the explanation to every so called “natural wonder.” Hence, I maintain that the most common reason so many affluent folks wind up discontented and throw it all away is largely due to a joie de vivre that is grounded in everything discussed above. One path and lifestyle is based on performance and sometimes, the narcissistic pursuit of popularity. But a service and purpose-driven existence, in my view is a surer bet to showing up for life and naturally looking good from the inside out, in the process.

Agnostic, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, Humanist, what's your core purpose for living? How do you stay uncompromised, grounded and fulfilled? Explore the hyperlinked images below and above.

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