Aloha, I am really wondering Why I am trying to re-establish My Imagery in the World of “Art”? I am already resigned to the understated fact that only Dead Artists are Collected. So, Now I have to Jump Over to the Other Side to Manifest Destiny. I can't really wait any longer, because the cost has already created a debt, I don't want to own up to. Value is a consideration. When I was in my 20's and a virile stud of a Man, I lived as a transient in all the places I visited. I carried an Art Case of Other People's Imagery that was acquired through trade, barter & exchange. It was the 60's and we had a sexual revolution. I could be in Jackson Square or Fisherman's Wharf, Greenwich Village, Left Bank in Paris, or Lahaina, Maui. I did that in 54 Countries and helped spread people's work along with mine, even though a lot of them condemned me later on in life. Yes, I had the Moral Fiber of a Jesuit Losing His Virginity at the Mustang Ranch. Did I Fall in Love? Or, just enjoyed the pleasure and ran away from the pain. I had a Large family and tried to create my own a few times. Denied Visitation on every occasion from my first marriage and child, because I admitted to sharing “sex” with The Best Man. Let's just say He was better than her in pleasuring me. I was following my little head, the real problem with my life. Creating Art on a nonexistent budget is my real forte'. I fail at every other endeavor. At 65 my sexual aura has diminished, therefor my ability to engage Patrons and create New Markets. It used to be an arrival in a distant port was enough to strengthen my economy by acquiring Patrons who had parties and supported some creative endeavor of mine. I could do Chalk on sidewalk, that washed away with the rain, or oil/canvas Images and get My Van Gogh juices flowing. I chose the Dream at a time when I shared the stage with Quality Musicians the World Over as a Guitarist and Vocalist, who could play the Blues that I was living. I admitted to my early discretion and became a pariah within the Taylor family. I felt more Love in a Gay Bar than from any of my kin. I think casual sex is better if you know you will never meet again. Well, that only lasted until I was 45. I will be 66 next Sunday and don't expect any of my relations to congratulate or wish me well. They have an Event planned and I will attend. I have Graduated into a nonsexual or retired metro-sexual entity. Creation of a different sort amuses me and provides an escape into another dimension. That is my Universe. It is a Multi-verse of New Discovery. I am working toward influencing social development and growth in a nonviolent, compassionate perspective with Images that speak to the soul. I don't expect anyone to understand in this Generation because the Idea is Too New and cannot be comprehended by the Youth at this time. It's like messages in a bottle that will float up and be read by children who “Get It” in the Distant Future. I'll reincarnate just to Collect My Images in the 54 Countries I left them. I'll make it my purpose next time around. I sure Hope & Pray for all of Your Deliverance. (Just Like In The Movie) It's actually enjoyable if adults consent, are sensitive and use lube. In Our Lives The Greatest Event is that 5 to 10 minute act of Pleasure that lasts in Our minds as a beacon, calling to us through every bit of advertisement and act of seduction. When you think about it, the rest of the day should be our priority......No, until you abstain for years it remains the Greatest Influence. Now, if I don't share sexual gymnastics, I am banned by my social-go community as a Perv. Or Worse. If this Life is not Heaven?

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